Monday, November 19, 2012

Just a lil something that I thought of one night.

I was bored one day and this came to mind when I brought up word. I have no clue how I feel about it so I figure I'd let you guys decide. Here goes nothing...

            Well It was dark out, the street lights barely bright enough for me to see my own car down the street. School parking is just getting worse and worse the more the year goes on. Looking around, I sigh as I tuck a stray piece of messy brown hair behind my ear. I didn't think the meeting would take this long, I guess being class president has its up and downs.  As I start making my way to my car suddenly I hear the weirdest sound. It was almost like some sort of growl, expect wetter. Like the animal was part dog, part snake.

Stopping in the middle of the side walk I look around for the owner of that horrible sound. Just as I was beginning to think I’ve gone crazy from all these late night study groups and meetings, I hear it again. Quickly I take out my phone and direct the light from the screen to where I last heard it. I would’ve sworn it sounded closer this time… I started to try and rub the goose bumps on my arms away.

Suddenly I was being yanked to the ground. My glasses clattered to the cement and my hair was yanked from the messy ponytail it was in, letting it go wild. What the fuck just happened? I think as I scramble back to my feet. My wrist was aching from whatever the hell just pulled me down; the weird part is it almost felt scaly. Bending down I grab my glasses, which my skirt took as an invitation to flash my panties. Without warning something slick and scaly slithered its way up my skirt.

I was paralyzed. I had no clue what to do, I’m pretty sure there’s a snake going up my skirt. What if it bites me?! Oh god… Slowly standing back up right, I bump into something behind me. Without a thought I scream a quickly turn around forgetting the “snake” up my skirt in a moment of panic. When the feeling of scales left my panties I realized that, this wasn’t a snake, it was a part of this huge beast in front of me.

            Screaming I back up, it’s huge yellow reptilian eyes staring at me. Almost like he was undressing me in his mind. And when I say his, I mean his. The fact that it was male was painfully obvious with his giant thing just hanging there. Backing into a wall I’m shaking, my breathing shallow and my heart beat fast. He just walks closer, making me press myself against the wall. Wishing with my whole self I was anywhere but here right now. Then suddenly it was black. Darkness descends on my mind.