Friday, February 7, 2014


Some games I've made up and played. Wanted to share them with everyone.

1. No-Hesitation

How its played - The sub wears as less amount of clothes as possible. In the case of girls I'd recommend no bra or panties or for guys maybe no underwear and baggier easier to reach in pants. The dom spends the whole day teasing the sub, keeping them on edge. Trying to turn them on as much as possible. The sub has to trust the dom not to abuse the privilege and the sub may not deny the dom at any time.

Win / Lose - If someone sees the dom they lose.
- If the sub masturbates they lose

2. No Hands, All Hands

How its played - The sub lays still ( or however placed by the dom) either clothed or nude. The dom gets to tease and play however they want. The sub isn't allowed to move unless instructed. If the sub moves they're denied a orgasm. Every movement equals a denial. So the sub must ask when they want to cum.

Win / Lose - This is more of a give and take game.

3. Breathe

How its played - The dom wraps a hand around the subs throat, keeping them at a distance. If the sub wants to kiss the dom they are forced to cut off their own breath.

4. How Nude Can You Go?

How its played - The sub starts the day wearing a good amount of clothes, layers really. The at seemingly random points in the day the dom lets the sub know to take off a piece of clothing. The sub gets to pick which piece.

Win / Lose- They either call it a draw or the sub forfeits.

Wish List

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