Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hot and Bothered

   I think I'm having one of those nights. You know the nights where no matter what you try to do, you can't quite satisfy yourself. I was just over at my good friend's house. ( You may remember him as pmk222 ) And let me tell you this man is a tease! His family was all there for the super bowl and we were just hanging. (Hopefully cheering at the right times) Then I would feel a hand inch down between my legs, or grab my ass, or even rub my nipples through my shirt. Needless to say he drove me insane. Then sent me home like that!

  So cruel! Now after fingering myself, and using my favorite blue vibrator I'm still not satisfied. I want the touch of  of his hands on my body. The feel of his lips against mine, or even lower. His quick and amazing fingers deep inside me. Or even better, his dick sinking inch by inch into me. Mmm... Gosh I'm not making this better on myself. Oh well maybe anal will do it for me tonight? Its worth a try... Now where did that vibrator go? ;)