Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

You guys; my fans are the best Christmas gift of all. Just to know people read my work and like it is all I need. So again thank you and Merry Christmas my lovelies! 


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bucket List?

      Hello again lovelies! So as I'm sure you've already heard; the world was supposed to end the other day. Now let me put this out there, I don't believe it was true. Yet I'd rather be safe then sorry, so I decided to try and cross something off my bucket list. If you don't know what a bucket list is; it's a list of all the things you want to do before you die. Personally I have a very long and interesting bucket list, but one thing that I've been wanting to do for a while is give a guy head while hes driving a car.
      Yes I know this is very unsafe and I DO NOT promote this for anyone. But in my personal experiences it was very fun, though I'll admit I was very scared that the car was going to crash when he came. Which turns out I had a right to be, as soon as his seed flooded my mouth the car swerved. I remember thinking Is he trying to kill me?!  
      So there you go I finished one thing on my bucket list that day, now a couple million more to go. :D But my task for you all is to make a bucket list if you don't already have one, or if you do to do/start planning something one there. Email me what it is you want to do at blythe.miller14@gmail.com. The best three will get to choose the themes for my next stories.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Dog Lover's Story ;)

I tried to listen, really I did. But the way the teacher’s voice droned on and the thoughts going through my head made it painfully clear that it was the last period of the day. And to be honest I never liked math. All I could seem to think about that day was Nick, well Nick and what he does to my body. Or should I say did, with him off to college my addiction to sex was being starved.

Just thinking about the way his thumbs would brush against my nipples made them hard, or how his fingers would leave me dripping and crying out for more. My panties were soaked, and I wanted to touch myself so bad it almost hurt not to.

Abruptly the bell rang, making me fly out of my seat in shock. Grabbing my bag, I was first out the door.  The bus ride home seemed longer than usual, but that could be due to the fact I was basically going insane about thinking of all my favorite little turn ons. Like the moist warmth of his breath on my neck. Or the way his kisses left me speechless.

After the bus stopped I ran to my bedroom locking the door behind me. I didn’t care if my parents were home; my need needed to be sated now. Stripping, I quickly climb onto my bed. Not even needing to warm up, I was so wet that two of my fingers easily slid in. Working I rub against my clit and g-spot. But it wasn’t enough; I needed a dick inside me. I need to be filled with something warm and hard.

It was then my dog could be heard downstairs. The thought flew threw my head so quickly I wasn’t even sure I thought it. But the need was there and so was Sam. And it’s not cheating… right? I mean I’m sure he’d rather me do this then fuck some random boy off the street, which was what’s going to happen if I don’t get a dick now.

So hopping up from my bed I quickly go to the door and call downstairs for my beloved pet. Sam of course happily bounds upstairs and tackles me through the open door.  This is going to be way too easy I thought. Standing up I find myself covered in dog slobber. Seeing this forces an idea into my head.

Grabbing Sam by the collar I lay back down on the floor, leading his head in between my spread legs. Amazingly without much prompt he begins to lick me. I’ll admit it I’ve been eaten out plenty of times by Nick alone, but somehow Sam’s wide slobbery dog tongue was ten times better. Maybe it was the complete an utter naughtiness of it all, but I was loving it. For the first time, I felt so relaxed and like no one was judging me.

It was just me and my puppy, which happened to be amazing at oral. With every lick I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge. Moans and whimpers of ecstasy came tumbling out of my mouth, and then with a rush of pleasure I came. The orgasm over ruled my entire mind and body.

Writhing on the floor I squirted and like a good dog, Sam lapped it all up. Reaching under him I felt his excitement as well. He made me finish its only fair I do the same for him I thought. So flipping over my hands and knees, I let him mount himself on me. Helping the poor horny animal direct his doghood into me. 

With a gasp I could feel him fill the inside of me. And it wasn’t long before I learned that this roller-coaster was only getting off one way; fast and hard. Plus it wasn’t like I could tell him to stop or slow down. So I took it, every inch of every thrust. Come to find out the fact that I had no choice is what made me love it all the more.

My breath was hard and quick. On top of that I could feel the pressure of an orgasm start to build up inside me again. I felt just so close to the edge of that cliff and was ready to jump off, and then dear lord he finished. Squirting inside me; filling me to the point of leaking. That sensation is just what sent me tumbling head over heels over the edge.  

My arms no longer able to hold me up collapsed under me. He pulled out of me, and I felt more of his seed seep out of me. Reaching down I scoped up some into my hand, and brought it up to my mouth. Quickly I flick out my tongue to taste it.

Yummy. Surprisingly yummy actually. Lifting my hand up I let the rest drip into my mouth, Sam just lying there watching me; his big brown dog eyes tracking my movement.  Crawling over to where he was laying down I roll him on to his back.  Bending over I swiftly take him into my mouth. Sucking him clean. I lick up and down his shaft leaving spotless of cum. And right as I went to take him as far into my throat as possible my door opened.

“Cassie what are you doing?!” 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Role Reversal- The End

     “Good girl.” Jake crooned as she relaxed. “I think you’re ready to play.” Claire wondered what exactly he meant by “play.” Undoing the chains that were holding her waist, he propped her abdomen over his knees, then rechained her. Claire wondered what the hell he was doing, she soon had her answer. Sliding two fingers into her, he prodded, causing Claire to whimper from how sensitive she was.
    “Such a good girl.” Jake whispered. “My good girl.” His words shocked Claire to the core. She was his, and she loved it. Jake licked along Claire’s pussy and Claire couldn’t help but bold back a cry of ecstasy. “Do you like this?” He teased.  “Do you like it when I pet your sweet little pussy?” Mewling as Jake tortured her with his tongue, she writhed between him and the chains.
    “Shh.” Jake said chuckling. “Good girl.” He was enthralled by how sensitive she was, already on the verge of an orgasm. Feeling mischievous, Jake nipped her, pulling her with his teeth, and earning a half-scream-half-moan. “Do you like that?” Jake laughed as she continued moaning. 
      “Are you ready for me?” He asked. “Let me check.” He slid his fingers in and gently prodded, as though he realized how sensitive she must be from his earlier attentions. Without speaking, Jake slide out from under her and tilted her hips, allowing easier access as he slowly sank into her. Claire nodded, her eyes closed as she concentrated on breathing and rocking her hips. “Good girl.” Jake crooned. Claire felt herself rising higher and higher, and bit her lip to keep back a moan.
        Suddenly, her high barreled over her, overpowering Claire’s wishes. “Jake!” Claire screamed as brilliance overcame her. She felt Jake come inside her, prolonging her orgasm.
         They both lay there panting, neither bothering to talk. Wordlessly, Jake pulled out of her and redressed. He kissed her mound, making her wet and needy once again, and unchained her hands.  “See you around.” Jake whispered, then he walked outside, with Claire still Struggling to undo the rest of her chains, and drove away. 

Girlfriend test?

So i was with some friends the other day, and some how we got on the topic of this thing called a girlfriend test. Basically its where a girl has to match a ton of controllers to their video game system. Of course being silly little me i offered up that i could do it, and them not believing me sat me down and made me take it. I just have one thing to say on the matter... IN YOUR FACE I TOLD YOU! For those of you who wish to challenge yourself i post the test with this. The second thing i wanted to cover was i have a new update on my pretty picture. ( with much thanks to the ever so lovely  Mr.Wolf)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Doodle time?

   First sorry for not posting as much as of late. But to make up for me being gone I have some very exciting news; an artist I'm very much in love with ( I mean he work of course ;) ) has been very kindly illustrating a scene from one of my favorite pieces. So today I hand over the first attempt sketch to accompany my story Personal Slave. To find more of his amazing work look him up here -> http://sabrwolf.deviantart.com/

Work done by: My lovely Sabr Wolf. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The adventures of video chatting.

    So remember my good friend pmk222? Well last night for the second time ever -and the first without family around- we video chatted. But let me tell you it was interesting... Due to some recent troubles in school I had asked him for help in some subjects. Little did I know that I wasn't getting any help until I did something for him first. So for the sake of homework being finished I put on my favorite pair of panties, cute ones with a little black bow, and a matching bra on under my clothes. Then I teased him. I striped for him. Maybe even let take a few pictures. And some other stuff. But the main point of this was I learned some stuff. One a rocking pair of panties can do wonders for your self esteem. Two my pretty boy really is a horny little boy unlike he lead me to believe. And lastly I like to show off, like I really like to find out what a man loves and give it to him. Don't you just love it when you learn something new? Speaking of which I still haven't finished my homework... hahaha.

Role Reversal- Chapter two

      Damn. Jake thought to himself, he didn’t think she was that scared. He looked at the unconscious figure chained o the bed. Claire’s tiny body seemed fragile like fine porcelain, held fast by chains. “Eh.” Jake said quietly. “Wake up.” He prodded her arm as her head moved slightly to the left.
      As Claire opened her eyes she wondered what weird alternate universe she had just awoken into. She started to get up, but found herself unable to move even a fraction of an inch.

“Wha-“ Claire started to say then stopped when she realized that no sound was coming out. Her whole body was sore. A hand touched my thigh causing her to recoil and put up her guard.

“You okay?” Said a dark sexy voice near her. The hand crept up her inner thigh, sending chills up her spine. Jake positioned himself directly over her, forcing Claire to look at him directly. Claire looked at him with terrified eyes. “Shh.” Jake said soothingly. “I’m not going to hurt you, I promise.” This did nothing to appease Claire’s fears. Jake bent down and detached the ball gag gently.

“What are you doing to me?” Claire asked, her voice shaking.

“What do you think I’m doing to you?” Jake said looking at her intently.

“I don’t know, but I don’t like it.” Claire said this empathetically, her face chalk-white.

“How do you know we haven’t even started yet?” Jake said recklessly, grabbing Claire’s hips suggestively.

“Please, let’s not start then!” Claire pleaded desperately trying to move away.

“Shh. I’m not going to hurt you. Sex isn’t bad, you know.” Jake whispered into her ear.

“Yes it is!” Claire cried. “It’s painful and demeaning and horrible!” Jake saw something on her face now that had been less noticeable before terror. Not terror of trying something for first time, but terror of trying something again.

“Shh. I will promise this to you right now. We will play, but I won’t go in you until you ask.” Jake said quietly.

“Pl-play?” Claire stammered her terror and confusion evident.

“Yes.” Jake said. “Play.” He bent down and nipped her clit, causing Claire to yank back as hard as she possibly could.

“Stop! Please!” She begged.

“Shh. I’m not going to hurt you. I Promise.” He said licking her clit skillfully.

“Stop! What do I have to do so that you won’t touch me?” Claire cried.

“You don’t have to do anything, just relax and let me take care of you.” Jake said darkly nipping lightly at her clit.

“Please, please don’t hurt me.” Claire begged quietly.

“I will never hurt you, unless you want it.” Jake promised.

“Why would I want you to hurt me?” Claire asked incredulously, momentarily distracted.

“It might happen, trust me.” Smiling as she quieted down, he kissed her pussy as if he was kissing her mouth. Thrusting his tongue in and exploring her thoroughly. “You’re so damn sexy.” He mumbled into her, a liquid fire pooling inside her, begging for release.

“Wait!” Claire screamed to herself accusatorially. This wasn’t supposed to happen, she was supposed to maintain complete control, yet SHE was the one chained to a bed.  

“Please, stop!” Claire sputtered to him, her face burning with embarrassment.

“You know you love it.” Jake said sliding a finger into her and prodding bluntly.

“No don-HOLY CRAP!” She cried as Jake fingered her. “Stop please!”

“Honey, I’m only getting started. I have you booked for the whole weekend.” Jake said in a no-nonsense tone. “By the time I’m done with you, you won’t be able to stand.” Claire looked at him with terror.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Claire asked her voice and body trembling with fright.

“Sweetheart by the time I’m done, you’ll be screaming for mercy. I promise. No more talking, unless of course you want me to use a gag.”

“Bu-yes, no gags.” She whispered, mortified.

“Yes what?” Jake asked her sliding another finger and scissoring her.

“Holy shit!” Claire cried out as he scissored her. “What the hell?!”

“You aren’t to speak without my permission, and if I let you talk, you will call me Master.” Jake told her firmly.

Claire’s whole body shook as his words sunk in. He scissored her wider this time, causing her to bite back a scream. Slowly the sting faded, replaced by some form of pleasure. Relaxing into the sheets she surrendered to whatever he had planned for her, after all she really couldn’t do much else could she? 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Role Reversal

This is a little something a friend of mine wrote. I'll be posting bit by bit like I always do. But I take no credit for her work. Her her pen name is Rose, Street Rose.

“But, but I-“I stammered as Caitlin Squeezed me into the leather bustier.

“No buts! You promised to meet with my newest client since I’m sick.” Caitlin chided as she whipped a brush through my unruly black hair.

“Only because you told me you were an accountant!  Besides I don’t have any idea what to do with them.” I trailed of hearing the uncertainty in my voice and knowing that in the end she would have it her way as always.

“Now Claire…” She began patiently as though she expected this. “If you ever thought to ask if I was a dominatrix I would have told you the truth. Besides it’s really quite easy. It will be even easier for you since we’re identical, so he won’t know the difference. She prattled quickly pulling out a pair of spiked thigh-high boots.

“What do I even do I mean…” Claire murmured softly giving up and succumbing to her sisters will.

“He doesn’t want a lot of rough work, so don’t worry. Just chain him up and walk all over him, maybe use a light whip. Now hurry or you won’t get there in time.” She finished, pushing me out the door and into my car. “Oh and Claire” She said breaking my startled thoughts. “Never let your client take over, you need to stay in control every second he’s there.” On that note Claire drove off, her body trembling behind the wheel.

As I walked into her ‘office.’ I was appalled. In the first room I entered, whips, gags, feather, clubs, paddles, vibrators, and every sex toy or punishment tool imaginable was pegged neatly on the walls. In the center of the room was a long padded table with chains dangling from it menacingly, and adjacent to it stood a bench covered with leather shackles. Anxious to get out of the main room, I hurried to the next room. A plush king-sized bed filler the room entirely, its sheet a stark black. Hearing a quiet tap at the door, I went to open it and automatically I checked him out.

He was tall, a good 6’ 2” to my even 5”, with olive colored skin. Thick wavy black hair framed his intense green eyes. He stepped in, breaking my thought. As I slid behind him I took the chance to look at him again. Oh god he was strong! Did this man really want to be dominated?

“Mistress?” He started, sounding slightly amused. “Are you ready yet?”

“Yes I’m ready!” Stand at the table and… assume position!” I snapped harshly, trying to cover my embarrassment. He went quietly, but with a menacing smirk dancing in his eyes. He stopped two feet from the edge of the table and turned to face me challengingly. As I tried to push him lightly onto the table, his hands from manacles around my wrists and he swung me easily onto the table.  

Trembling softly on the table, I cower away from him. Trying to get up, suddenly I found myself weighed down. My mind went into panic mode, and I scarcely acknowledged that he was there, until I tried to move again, and found myself belted to the table.

His hand splayed across my stomach and I squirmed nervously. I tried to scream as hands moved lower, but his hand wrapped around my mouth before I could think. “Ah, ah, ah, sweetheart. Don’t make me use a gag, you wouldn’t want that.” He murmured. His threats sent shivers rushing down my spine and I went limp. I felt him walk away and tried to hide my shameful terror of not being in is presence.

 I heard his footsteps quickly approaching, and looked towards where he was approaching. As he set a couple of strange objects on the ground he placed his hand on my thigh, I jerked away from him. His laughter shook the room, and he quickly started ripping off what little clothing I had on. I screamed as his hands grabbed me roughly. “Ah ah ah, I warned you sweetheart.” He whispered threatingly. He reached below the table and grabbed a ball gag.

Tears race down my face in fright as he yanked the gag into place harshly. “No more games.” He growled. He started undoing the straps quickly. “I know of a better place to put you.” Chuckling nastily, he yanked me to the ground. I fought against him as he chained me to the bed, earning a hard slap on the ass. The chains didn’t allow me to move a muscle. The fear over took me fading my world to black. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Airports are naughty?

So this is a bit of a nothing post. I'm sitting at the airport awaiting my flight. Looking around I realize just how fun this could be for a couple. Of course this is making me wish for my new pretty boy Pmk222... Anyhow how much fun would it be trying to sneak the kinkiest toys you can think of through the x-rays. I wonder what they would be thinking when they could see the outline of your favorite dildo, or you best whip. Or even sneaking in to the airport bathrooms for a little sexy time before you board. No! Even better trying to keep your partner quiet while pleasuring them on the plane. Ugh so many good times I wish I could have... I could totally channel this boredom into a really hot airplane sex story... I guess we'll see huh?


Monday, November 19, 2012

Just a lil something that I thought of one night.

I was bored one day and this came to mind when I brought up word. I have no clue how I feel about it so I figure I'd let you guys decide. Here goes nothing...

            Well It was dark out, the street lights barely bright enough for me to see my own car down the street. School parking is just getting worse and worse the more the year goes on. Looking around, I sigh as I tuck a stray piece of messy brown hair behind my ear. I didn't think the meeting would take this long, I guess being class president has its up and downs.  As I start making my way to my car suddenly I hear the weirdest sound. It was almost like some sort of growl, expect wetter. Like the animal was part dog, part snake.

Stopping in the middle of the side walk I look around for the owner of that horrible sound. Just as I was beginning to think I’ve gone crazy from all these late night study groups and meetings, I hear it again. Quickly I take out my phone and direct the light from the screen to where I last heard it. I would’ve sworn it sounded closer this time… I started to try and rub the goose bumps on my arms away.

Suddenly I was being yanked to the ground. My glasses clattered to the cement and my hair was yanked from the messy ponytail it was in, letting it go wild. What the fuck just happened? I think as I scramble back to my feet. My wrist was aching from whatever the hell just pulled me down; the weird part is it almost felt scaly. Bending down I grab my glasses, which my skirt took as an invitation to flash my panties. Without warning something slick and scaly slithered its way up my skirt.

I was paralyzed. I had no clue what to do, I’m pretty sure there’s a snake going up my skirt. What if it bites me?! Oh god… Slowly standing back up right, I bump into something behind me. Without a thought I scream a quickly turn around forgetting the “snake” up my skirt in a moment of panic. When the feeling of scales left my panties I realized that, this wasn’t a snake, it was a part of this huge beast in front of me.

            Screaming I back up, it’s huge yellow reptilian eyes staring at me. Almost like he was undressing me in his mind. And when I say his, I mean his. The fact that it was male was painfully obvious with his giant thing just hanging there. Backing into a wall I’m shaking, my breathing shallow and my heart beat fast. He just walks closer, making me press myself against the wall. Wishing with my whole self I was anywhere but here right now. Then suddenly it was black. Darkness descends on my mind.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I love you like a sister. Chapter 3

The next day I wake up to the sound of my sister’s alarm clock going off. I throw out the usual call for silence, and make it transparent I’m not happy about being waked up this early on my day off from school. Something weird not many people know about me is that as soon as I’m woken up for any reason or anyway. I can’t go back asleep. Like there’s no way in hell I can go back to my dreams in tell the next night. This especially sucked this morning being I was dreaming about the most gorgeous body I know about being bent over a teacher’s desk while I smack her with a ruler and tell her what a bad student she’s been.

Usually I hate these dreams their so perfect that it makes me wish for her even more, wish for what I know I can’t get. Except today I will get it, I remember this with a jolt of happiness.  Still lying in bed fantasizing I hear a knock on my bedroom door.  Instinctively I call out “Who is it?” A soft voice says to me

“It’s Alex, can I please come in?” Not knowing what to do I just try and hide the boner I have from last night’s dream under the covers, and answer her with a yes. Slowly she opens the door and steps in. Just looking at her I could see there was something on her mind, so automatically I reach out to her and asked what’s wrong.

“Come here.” I say. She listens to me for once actually doing as I say. Sitting down on the edge of my bed she looks at me and just starts crying. My mind starts reeling. I have no clue what’s going on here! “What’s wrong? What happened?” Is it some boy I ask to myself? If it is I’m going to kill him. Besides she’s mine no one can touch her but me. Adds some dark whisper in my head. My sister is soft and can be shy at times, but she’s never been a crier.

“I’m...I…I’m so sorry…” It takes her a couple tries to get this out. Quickly I tell her she’s fine she just needs to tell me what’s going on and whose ass do I need to kick? This comment earns me a soft smile and an attempt at a laugh, which turns out to be more of a sob.

“No I’m not sorry about this….” She waves her hand in front of her face. “Well I am… I mean… I’m sorry, about whatever I did to make you not like me.”

“Huh? What do you mean? You haven’t done anything wrong.” Why would she think that? I’m so confused it’s not even funny. I’m sure the look on my face shows that.

“Well I must have, why else do you not want to touch me anymore? Am I not old enough for you? Is my body not right?” She asks with this look of worry on her face. Amazed I just look at her. She thinks there’s something wrong with her? I’m the one who dreams of different ways to fuck her, to make her beg for me. Yet here she is right in front of my thinking something is wrong with HER because I didn’t have the balls to do anything.

“Look at me.” I order, and almost instantly her head shoots up. “Do you really think these things?”

“Y-yes…” she stutters out.

“Well don’t your body is beautiful and sexy, and any older you wouldn’t be nearly and perky and firm as you are now. I like my woman like you. You were made for me to play with.” A doubtful look crossed her face. So I added “And if you really don’t believe me, then you can prove to me why I should keep you around. Prove it to me right now.” I slip off the covers challengingly. My boner surprisingly still present. I honestly didn’t think she would do it, But let me tell you I wasn’t about to complain when she pulled down my boxers just enough to pull me out.

Nervously she looks at me as if I was going to suddenly tell her never mind. I mean sure I felt a little guilty but not enough to turn down a blow job from my little sister. Her hand wrapped around the base of me tenderly, her soft brown hair falling around her like a curtain as she bends down to slowly take me into her mouth. Bit by bit my dick sinks into her warm wet mouth. A gasp escapes my mouth when her lips take the place of where her hand used to be.

Leaning on one hand behind me, I weave the other into her hair. Guiding her head up and down and every once in a while suddenly pushing her head as far down as she could go. She may not be the most skilled, but with her soft lips caressing my dick while her tongue licks me every possible place it’s safe to say it didn’t take me long to get to the point of finishing. 

“Alex, Alex baby I’m gonna finish.” But instead of backing off, she keeps going harder and faster, thrusting me into the orgasm. Cumming into her mouth she swallows it all. Yet she doesn’t stop until she’s sucked me dry.  I fall back on the arm that’s held me up this whole time, flopping on to my bed. Readjusting my boxers Alex crawls up next to me laying her head on my chest.

Turning my head I can smell the shampoo she last used, something citrusy probably orange. Whispering into that amazing smell I tell her that she really is everything I ever wanted in a woman, and everything I will ever need. It sounds cheesy and hooky now, but I think I made her feel much better. 

( I wonder if she's been a bad student?) ^^

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A personal post.

      Hello again. I've decided to let myself post a little something personal every once in a while. So today I went on a very interesting date of sorts; I went ATV riding. I mean why don't couples do this more often? It's the perfect chance to spend all day hanging on tightly to your lover, also who doesn't love to get a little muddy. Maybe try a couple jumps? I don't know maybe it's just me but I think it says something about a person when they are willing to be risky and adventuress with you. It makes an amusing statement on how they'll be in bed later on. ;) Needles to say I can see me and him going out again.

    Now on to the more interesting stuff; my writing. So I've started a couple of stories lately, only writers block has been taking over my brain. I'll try and keep lots of interesting things up, but if my posts seem a little rare a few in between, please forgive me. Also please continue to subscribe to me, you guys are amazing and with out readers what is a writer?

     One last thing I promise, I would love some prompts from you guys! Let me hear what dirty little kinks you have, whats that one thing you really want to try but have always been to afraid to ask. It can be anything the more taboo the better, but I'm open to anything. On that note have fun in life, read my writing, and be a little kinky and always sit on the edge of taboo.



I love you like a sister. Cont.

Chapter 2

Still lying in bed together nude an hour later. Cuddling and enjoying each other. Then a startling slam of a door rang throughout the house along with my mother’s voice calling for us to come and greet her. “Alex! Jacob! I’m home!” In a mad dash for clothes Alex falls off the bed. I run out into the hall slipping on my shirt as I go. My mother’s footsteps are getting closer, so I did the first logical thing I’ve done all day. I calm my breathing, fix my hair and turn to her just as she comes up the stairs.

“Hey Mom, I was just going downstairs. What’s up?” I’m acting normal… At least I think I am. I can just imagine a huge sign above my head. Advertising in neon letters ‘I JUST FOOLED AROUND WITH MY LITTLE SISTER!’ She looks at me funny and I think this is it, I’m dead. Grounded for life at least, but she just asks if I knew my t- shirt was on inside out. “Umm it’s just some new thing all the gamers do now, I don’t start the trends I just follow them.” I said, hopefully believable enough to get her off my back. Still staring at me like I just grew a third head, she starts making her way past me to my sister’s room, where I could still hear her bustling around. Quick Jacob distract her!

“So Mom how was your day?” Please work, please work, please work…

“Good, busy. So I got nice tips working tables.” She said. Then asked “How was your day?”

The urge to laugh out loud was almost unbearable. I felt like saying “Good, busy. Got to see nice tits while working my sister.” But of course what tumbled out of my mouth was something more along the lines of “Same old same old ya know? Got math homework tonight…” It was then Alex decided to make an appearance.

As if today was just like yesterday, and the day before that she walks out of her room and takes one look at the small talk me and my mom are trying to make and asks “What’s up?” This is about the point where my mind explodes. She looks so calm and collected while I’m a mess of nerves over here. Mumbling some excuse about that math homework I have a hastily make my exit. And that’s just how it went for a couple of days, me hanging around, mom trying to talk to me and as soon as my sister joined in I ran for the hills. I didn’t even know where to start with processing everything. I mean it’s not like you can Google it.

So instead I watched from a distance, and trust me I was enjoying the view. Still it wasn’t long before I craved for more of her tight ass and cute little pink nipples. So I came up with a plan.

It was made to take place tomorrow at school, that age difference is really coming in handy for this idea. See the sophomores and seniors get the day off while the freshman and juniors are doing some career day thing. The next day is when the rest of us get to enjoy the lectures of business men and guys from the military.  This makes in amazingly easy to sneak in during their lunch break and grab Alex. I kind of know this class room on the second floor none of the teachers are using this year, this pretty much would be the place I would somehow convince her to follow me into. From here I would get to have a fix of my favorite drug. Alex.

Monday, November 5, 2012


        Hello my lovelies! Sorry to disappoint but sadly this is not a little story for you all. Instead it's kind of a personal post. So i have this awesome friend lets call him pmk222 for the time being. So pmk222 has become a good friend of mine lately especially because me and my boyfriend broke up, and he has been there to comfort me. So today pmk222 came over to my house to meet my entire family for the first time, which we all know is awkward for everyone. Yet surprisingly he took it all in rather well. We were supposed to be working on some papers and gosh knows what else, but the night ended up taking an interesting turn... One i hope to incorporated into some of my writing? Who knows.
                                      If interested check him out   http://pmk222.webs.com/


Sunday, November 4, 2012

I love you like a sister

Chapter 1 part 1
Running into her room, she quickly shuts the door letting it slam behind her. Breathless she flops down on to the bed. Laying there she could feel her body burning up. A flame that starts in between her legs. Striping off her shirt she lets the scene play in her head yet again.
The way he pushed her up against the wall, kissing her, touching her. Not taking no for an answer, not caring that they were in the middle of school. Especially not when he slipped his hand down her pants. And when he covered her mouth with a kiss, like he knew the moan she was going to let out when he slid a finger in. Then suddenly without warning, he left.
With nothing to remember him by other than a whisper in her ear of finishing this later and the ever growing wetness gathering in her panties. So now here she is burning alive lying naked in her bed. Never in her life has she felt the need to touch herself as much as she did now. Almost unconsciously she let her fingers slide down her skin, crawling closer and closer to the slit between her legs.
With one hand resting on her breast lazily, she let her finger penetrate her pussy. Quickly with no time to back out she shoved another in. Almost yelping out at the pain, yet almost moaning at the pleasure. Biting her lip she slowly slid in and out of herself. Her face was burning bright red.
Then without notice the door of her bedroom swung open to reveal her brother. He was too shocked to move, and she was too shocked to speak. Then with a lopsided grin her older sibling of two years said “You’re doing it wrong.”

Chapter 1

“What?! Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?! I’m doing what wrong? I’m not doing anything; I was changing out of my school clothes.”
“You and I both know changing was not what you were doing.”
“Oh ya?” She challenged, now covered with a thin sheet.
“Ya, because last I checked changing didn’t involve lying on your bed…” When I said these words you could just see her face grow darker- if possible-. Now a brother is a brother, but a man is a man. And when you’re a man of sixteen there’s something’s you just have to appreciate in life and a naked woman lying on a bed obviously aroused, and barely covered with a thin sheet that you can see her erect nipples under is definitely something worth appreciating.
“So…” I said. “Again I repeat you’re doing it wrong.” She sighed in defeat. She knew a lost cause when she saw one.
“How would you even know? You’re not even a girl. It’s not like they give classes on this or anything.”

“No, But I watch porn and I’ve seen girls do it before.” A plan already forming in my mind. So what if it’s my sister I tell myself, so what if she’s younger then you? She’s still a woman and you’re still a man.
“Ok, then how would you say I’m supposed to…do it?” She questions.
“Well for one use both hands, being lazy isn’t gonna get you anywhere. Go ahead, try it.” She’s going to see right through me. I know it. I wonder if she can tell that even from here I can see where the sheet is wet from her juices.
                “Umm… I don’t know if I can do this in front of you…” She mumbles.
“Why not? I’m just your brother, it’s not like I’m going to be preving out over here. I’m just trying to help you finish faster so I don’t ever have to walk in on this again.” LIAR! My boner screams at me, you just want to touch her, taste her, and pleasure her. You’re a horrible big brother, betraying her trust like this. She looks at him funny then carefully peels back the sheet, slowly uncovering herself.  
My dick jerked in my pants at the view of first her tits then her pussy. Oh god her pussy… The tits were amazing don’t get me wrong, Guessing around a B cup with the cutest lick pink nipples. But her pussy was gorgeous her clit was tucked in and barely peeking out. There is nothing more he wanted in this world then to go over to her and lick it.
She let her hand fall back in between her legs, the other one was teasing her nipple lightly pulling and pinching at it. Even though she was biting her lip, a moan escaped through them.
“Like this?” She asked breathlessly. Gasping at the pleasure of her work. Walking over to her I put my hand over hers and help massage her breast, enjoying the feel of the softness.  I could feel her shiver and spasm beneath me.
“Close, but when you finger yourself do it more like this…”  Taking my other hand I adjust her hand and speed; she let out this cute little squeal of excitement as she writhed under her own guided touch. It wasn’t long before she let out a long squeal then relaxed back into the bed.  Before I had time to process what I just did. My raging boner reminded me of its presence.
She looked down to see my dick straining against my pants, and said “Well I guess since you helped me with my problem it’s only fair to help you with yours.” Her face was flushed at the boldness of her words. Slowly she reached her hands down to my zipper as if waiting for me to stop her. I didn’t. She undid the button then the zipper, and then my jeans fell to the floor. I was still standing beside the bed when she smoothly slid off and got to her knees in front of me.
Nervously she looked up to me; I must’ve encouraged her because she took me in to her hand. Slowly she let her fingers drag up and down my shaft mumbling about how smooth and hard I was. With one last look in my direction she put me into her mouth, letting her tongue wrap around me as she bobbed her head up and down. She was inexperienced that I could tell. But her lips were so soft and she was trying so hard to please me. It didn’t take me long before I was on the verge of cumming.
“I’m about to cum.” I warn. Quickly she backs off, my dick falling wetly from her mouth. Her eyes open in surprise as I cum which skillfully finds its way dripping down her face.  She looks up at me now covered in my seed.
And I realize this is another one of those things you have to enjoy in life; my cum all over my little sisters face. I watch as some of it drips on her mouth. Licking her lips she tastes it. The biggest smile I ever saw lite up her face then.
“Mmmm yummy… Next time we do that I want you to finish in my mouth instead. Is that OK?” When she said that couple different things came into my mind; first she likes the taste? I’ve never heard of a girl liking the taste before… Second she said again, as in this is happening again. Third this is the one that really got me going; my sister just asked my permission to cum in her? What kind of drug am I on? Because I’m sure as hell taking it again. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hi I’m Blythe.
This is idea barrowed from an AMAZING writer who goes by Jack. Go checks him out here http://writingdirty.com/#toc Read his stuff and leave a comment telling him I sent you!

Hi I’m Blythe, and I love reading.

Hi I’m Blythe, and I have I’ve got a wicked mind.

Hi I’m Blythe, I am proudly bisexual.

Hi I’m Blythe; I do my best to make people happy.

Hi I’m Blythe, and I can be a top or bottom.

Hi I’m Blythe I’m outgoing, yet secretive.

Hi I’m Blythe; I’m a naughty little girl.

Hi I’m Blythe, and I’m something the world has never seen before.

Hi I’m Blythe, that’s not my given name, yet it’s still mine.

Hi I’m Blythe I could be the best sex partner you would ever have.

Hi I’m Blythe, and I’m an extremely stubborn person.

Hi I’m Blythe, and I always get what I want.

Hi I’m Blythe, and not many people know the “real” me.

Hi I’m Blythe and I write dirty.


Hey, Everyone. Guess what? I'm the new kid in town. I've always wrote interesting stories, but just recently have I started sharing them. So if your interests lay in what happens between a man and woman (or woman and woman, or man and man) behind close doors then I can happily say you'll like what you read here.