Monday, March 11, 2013

Rebound. ( Finally finished! )

Both the music and lights were drowning me. Pushing through the dance floor I all but dive for the doors. Head spinning I lean against the side door to open it to the cool fresh winter air, it’s a welcome relief from the hot and humid environment of the club.  Walking farther out, I lean against the wall that makes up the side of the club.

Dancing is not my thing, drinking is not my thing, and drunk dancing is defiantly not my thing. Yet for my best friend Emily I came with her here, she told me she needed a wing woman, but we both know it was to get me up off the couch. She thinks clubbing is the cure to a bad breakup; I prefer ice cream. Somehow I came anyway.

While I sit here pitying myself, I almost didn’t notice a figure move out of the shadows. A rough silhouette of a man starts walking towards me. “Hey there little girl, isn’t it late for a pretty little thing like you to be out?” My spine prickles and I start to gather my purse and drink, deciding against answering.

I turn to walk back in the door I just came out of only to find a man in my way. He was slick, smooth, skinny, and greased. The opposite of the first man; he was rough, gravelly, and boxy.

“And where do you think you’re going little miss?” My eyes widen as I step back in shock. In a split second decision I throw my drink in his face and take off to the front doors. Well at least I tried to, I got about three feet before I was grabbed from behind.

“Not-uh-uh bad girl can’t have you running off like that.” A deep voice behind me tsked. I freeze as I feel cool metal against my neck. My heart starts fluttering in my chest and my breathing hard. Roughman’s hand rises from my waist where he originally grabbed me to my breast, which thanks to my clubbing outfit is barely covered. The other hand is slowly creeping up the back of my skirt.

“Please, please don’t Sir.” The words came tumbling out of my mouth before I could stop them. I mentally slap myself. This is not one of your games Krista! This is real life; these men want to rape you. They aren’t masters, their bad people. Somehow this idea only added to the growing wetness in between my legs.

The knife at my throat suddenly demanded my attention as well as the man holding it. Looking at me he grabs my face and turns it as if to get a better look, then slaps me. Hard. I felt the knife prick my skin; I could feel a drop of blood gather there.

“Don’t even think about denying me. Got it slut? You’re here for my pleasure, since that’s all I’m sure your good for.” How long have I wanted to hear those words or at least something like them? Far too long. My knees buckle, making Roughman’s arms the only thing holding me up. Surly they thought it was fear making me tremble, they couldn’t possibly guess how turned on I am.

“Y-yes Sir.” If they only stuck their hands down the front of my skirt then my soaked panties would give me away.

“Good.” He coos pulling away the knife and petting my hair. He slowly drags the knife down my arms, leave goose bumps in its wake. All I can think about is how much I want this. I know it’s wrong but I do. Rape is my biggest fantasy; and it was these kinds of fantasies that made my vanilla ex run for the hills. Waking me from my thoughts Slick yanks my hair forcing my on to my knees.

“Open your mouth.” Like a good girl I do. I sit here on my knees, right outside of a club, mouth wide open; begging for a dick. Which he promptly provides. My tongue wraps around his girth as he sets the speed; hand in my hair still. Without warning he shoves his whole dick into my throat. Gagging I can feel his hot cum in my mouth, he pulls out splattering his seed on my face.

When he’s done he wastes no time tucking himself back in his jeans. I let my tongue dart out and lick some off my lip. Slick saw and smacked me once again. “No it stays there, cum covered fits a cunt like you.”

“Speaking of cunts…” Roughman mumbles behind me. I had completely forgotten he was there in my excitement with Slick. Suddenly I’m being tugged backwards, rising to my feet I try not to fall on my ass. Proven much easier said than done as my feet stumble out from under me. In a mess of limbs I fall to the ground; only to be caught –for the second time tonight- around the waist.

I’m immediately slammed face first into a brick wall. Reaching under my skirt he yanks off my panties, ripping them into pieces. I gasp at the cold air touching somewhere wet and warm. Without any more pre amble then that he impales me on his thick cock. Crying out in surprise and pleasure, he leans into me and whispers in my ear-

“You’re all wet? You really are a whore aren’t you? Get used in an old alleyway turns you on huh?” When I just moan in response to him and his hard and fast rhythm he smacks me hard on the ass. “Answer me cunt!”

“Y-Mmmm- yes Sir it does.” He pounds even harder into me at my words. I could start to feel the familiar buildup of pressure. I curl my toes in my shoes. One second I was on the edge the next I was being thrown off the cliff altogether. My orgasm must have set him off because I was soon being filled with hot thick cum.
The next thing I know I’m laying on the ground, my torn panties next to me. The men long gone. Cum was still on my face and leaking out of me. You know what? Emily was right a night at the club was exactly what I needed. 

Victoria Secret = My Secret Weapon.

     First of all; sorry for the rare posts as of late. Been a bit busy, but trust me some fun came out of all those missed blogging weekends. So this last weekend my robotics team - yes that's right I'm proudly a part of my local robotics team- went up to Portland Oregon to compete, and my boyfriend also happens to be part of the team. Very unwisely we were assigned rooms right next to each other, which of course made it wonderfully easy to sneak in.
    But backing up here, earlier in this weekend I took a visit to the Victoria Secret; I found the most amazing little scrap of fabric. Dark blue with black lace, it was knock out. Of course I sneak over dressed in this. I was rewarded by some amazing shower sex.

My great buy. 
 Something about the warm slick of water drumming on you as you get the brains fucked out of you is kinda hot. Hmm maybe its just me ;)  Anyway the night was farther improved with me being able to spend the night with him; which doesn't happen often enough due to me having room mates and him not having his own place.