Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I'm back!

Yes that right. I'm back guys! The piles of shit I've been going through these past couple months have made me step back. Basically I've been trying to get back into life and just live as healthy as possible. To catch all you lovelies up a little I've moved on from a lot of people in my life. In return the Goddess has blessed me with new amazing people.

First of which is my best friend Mon Cher. He's quite the firecracker, gay as all hell, and there's no one I would rather be around every day. Second is Handsome. Well he's my boyfriend, yet he's one of my best friends. He has a way of making me smile that no one else does.

I've also been writing... A lot. About a lot. Hopefully I can share some of that. I also hope to once again entertain the beautiful people who read my tidbits. Not to say life isn't hard, or scary. But life is always hard and scary. I just want to write about it. :) I may never be back to "normal" but I've got some great people who've got my back on my side.

So, yes I'm back.