Friday, January 4, 2013

Personal Slave

He leads me into what I presume to be an old garage. I try and fight but with the way he jerks my arm he made it clear that, that wasn’t an option at this point. Spiting curses at him he throws me hard against the concrete floor. “Shut up!” He orders with a level tone of authority. Without thinking about it I do as he says. Looking up at him he grins down evilly at me. The last place I wanna be I think to myself is in that man’s head.

“Stand up.”

“No.” Fight me, Fight me, fight me… I whisper to myself too quiet for him to possibly hear. Yet he reached down to me, looking as if he was giving me a hand up. Then suddenly he grabbed my wrist bending it at such an angle that I had no choice to rise to my feet. It was either that or suffer a broken wrist. When I finally was where he wanted me, he raised his hand to my face. Where I instinctually flinch away, preparing myself to be hit.

Instead gently he caresses my check as if it was made of the finest silk. He leans in close to me, lips brushing my skin as he bends down to my ear.

“When I say to do something, you do it? Got it? There is no such thing as defense here. And if you even think about not listening, then I’ll make you hurt. Hurt so bad you’ll be crying for days.” With that he wove his fingers threw my hair so tightly that I couldn’t move my head. Yanking he slammed me up against a wall, kissing me furiously. If you could call it kissing, it was more like a war of teeth and tongues. Two mouths fighting for dominance.
Quickly a hand flies up grabbing on to my breast. Running his thumb over my nipple I moan into his mouth, and then gasp from him pinching and pulling. Such a rush of sensations! Pain and pleasure. Hate and love.
As abruptly as the kiss started it ended. Grabbing ahold of one of my arms he spins me around, my arm now pinned behind my back. Pressed tightly against him I feel his boner push against my ass. Smiling as he whispers all the naughty things he’s going do to me in my ear, I struggle to free from his grip.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, now what did I tell you about fighting?” He murmurs biting my ear seductively. I scoff at him and spit at his feet, not even needing to say something.  He shoves me face first in to the wall, putting his knee between my legs. Trapped.  “You lil’ bitch! You think you can just do whatever you want, no respect once so ever. Well we’ll change that tonight. By the end you’ll be begging me; you’ll be my pet to do with as I wish.”  One head weaved its way into my golden brown hair, while the other was slowly slipping down the front of my jeans. I tensed preparing myself. He wormed his way into my panties, and just that little brush of his hot skin against my most sensitive parts sent chills up and down my spine.

Then suddenly that little shiver became a lot more when he quickly shoved a finger in me, pushing it in as far as it could go. It was as if he was trying to reach the back of me and even though I bit my lip a moan of pleasure still escaped. “Now lookie here… She’s all wet; I guess you really do like it rough.  That’s ok sweetheart because I haven’t even begin being rough.” The hand still in my hair yanks my head back, curving my back just right so he can get even deeper inside me. My mouth is no longer connected to my brain, or at least that what I tell myself when the moans and whimpers start to tumble out. Relentlessly he pleasures me, reaching in and bending his fingers down to hit my sweet spot; over and over again.

When he yanks my head again, this time pulling back even farther to the point where he pulls me off balance. I tumble to the ground, falling hard at his feet. “On your knees.” He commands. Reaching into his back pocket he pulls out something metal and shiny. It glints in the bad lighting of the garage. As he bends down to me I realize that their actually handcuffs. 

My breath quickens when one encases my wrist then is weaved around an old exposed pipe to connect with the other wrist. Unable to rise from my knees or move my hands, I can’t tell if I’m scared or turned on.  I close my eyes tightly, trying to calm my breathing. Focusing I try to make my heart leave my throat for its preferred place in my chest.

I can hear to sound of a zipper being undone, and I made the mistake of looking. “Oooh the lil’ slut knows that sound well, now don’t you? Well that must mean you know what to do as well, so I won’t accept any slacking off. If I don’t finish in the next ten minutes then you’ll be punished. Understand?” I nod afraid to open my mouth, even though I knew it was pointless to try and escape my fate.

Once again his hands knot in my long hair, shoving his dick into my face. He expects me to shallow all of this?! Even scared as I was of him now, I knew I didn’t want to find out what my punishment might be so for the sake of self-preservation – at least that’s what I told myself- I took him into my mouth. I began to lick and suck and just about anything I could think of to speed the process along.

Got to admit that it was hard to keep control of the situation without the use of hands not only could I not control the speed, but it was hard to keep him from scraping against my teeth. Plus every time I did do something he didn’t like I was rewarded with him pushing my head as hard as he could against his body, forcing me to deep throat him. 

Looking at his watch he tells me I only have four minutes left. Shit, shit, shit…  Speeding up, I try the best I can. Doing whatever I can think of, but it wasn’t enough.  At the end of my time he yanked my head off and glared at me. “You failure for a cunt. If can’t pleasure me in ten minutes now then I’ll just have to keep you and train you in tell you can.”

“No please, I’ll do better. Just give me another chance. Please.”

“I gave you your chance. Now you get your punishment. Until you make me finish in ten minutes you will be my personal slut, my sex slave. What do you think about that?” An evil grin spread across his face. Instead of telling him where I think he should shove his little sex slave idea, I wisely kept my mouth shut.

“We’ll try again later.” He said as he bent down to undo the cuffs that held me in place. The moment that they fell to the ground I shot up and took off running to the nearest door.  Trying to open it proved fruitless, even more so when the sound of men’s footsteps echoed behind me, steadily getting closer.  No, no, no… Come on, come on… Open will ya! At this point I’m hitting and kicking the door, but the door stood solid without fail.

Pressing my back to the door, trying with all my might to sink into the woodwork I watch as he gets closer. Step by step my doom encased me. Then the world went black. Darkness descended on my mind.  


To be cont.?