Monday, April 15, 2013

Who am I?

Who am I? Am I the strong stubborn personality I let most people see me as? Am I the naughty shameful pain slut that Sir brings out in me? Am I the little girl so still goes to bed with her favorite teddies, and still plays all the little games? Am I the brat who stomps her foot and pouts when she doesn't get her way? Maybe I'm even a brilliant writer, or a failed princess? I don't think I could quite tell you exactly who I am, because I'm still figuring it out for myself. But I know I can tell you a bit about me;

  • I think coffee is beyond orgasmic.
  • I love my Sir.
  • My favorite teddy bear is named Mr. Spiffy.
  • Writing comes to me as naturally as breathing. And without it I suffocate. 
  • I'm a huge Superman fan. (Don't tell Sir, but I'm kinda married to him. Shhhh...)
  • I listen to any music that can touch my soul.
  • I don't believe in having a favorite book. 
  • I'm a morning person, I often talk my room mates ear off. Tehe
  • I love frilly tu tus! 
  • I'm incredibly bull-headed. 
  • I almost always speak my mind. 
  • I crave safety, protection, and to serve.
  • I love love love chocolate. Get me a kit kat and your starting to make your way into my heart. 
  • I love parks, especially swings. I love touching the clouds.
  • Pain and pleasure go hand and hand in my sex life.
And so much more. I can't even begin to let you see into my soul. I have learned a lot about myself since I started this blog I learned how feeling weak is okay, all the more so when you have someone protecting you. I learned that females dominate just as well as men. I learned that no matter what be yourself and the rest will fall into place. I hope to continue to learn about myself. I'm so grateful for all the people who have helped me. And I hope that everyone has learned a little about me today. :)