Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tease... Mean, cruel, down right evil tease... I mean I love you baby...cough cough.

I found myself  in a very odd position today. By odd position I mean on my knees in front of my Sir sucking his cock. See being as amazing as he is he made me a deal if I could make him cum before his room mate comes home he'll lighten my punishment ( Withdrawal from vaginal and anal sex, oral, and fingering.) . See the tricky part was we were siting in the middle of the living room, right in front of the door. Plus his room mate was due at any moment. So eager to be touched by his hand again I made a deal with the devil and dropped to my knees.

I felt so much like a wanton teenager, just trying to finish before my parents got home. I got so scared when we heard a car door slam right outside the house, it was a mad scramble for clothes. Or more just pulling his jeans up and buttoning mine ( I was told to finger myself at this point.). Hilariously it turned out to just be the family next door. I got praised for my great job by being told to wait there while he went into the other room.

So I sat on the couch listening to him move things around in his bedroom ears searching for the scrape to wood against wood, maybe even a cabinet door opening and shutting. After what seemed like hours he came back into to the room holding a bottle of lube. It took one expecting look from him and I knew this was as much as I was going to get so might as well enjoy it.

Right after I lubed us up I pulled down my jeans and panties, kneeling in front of the couch. I rest my arms against the cushion. I could feel his hard warm cock slowly sink into my ass, then slowly pull back out. Suddenly I was being slammed into. Gasping I wince and a cry tumbles out of my lips. Over and over I was being impaled on his thick dick. As he dragged his nails down my back making me shudder and moan.

Without warning he grabs one of my wrists twisting my arm behind my back, quickly he did so with the other as well. My face pushed into the scratchy fabric of the couch by the force of his thrusts. I was finishing for the fourth time when once again we heard a car door. Again false alarm, but since we were dressed in a flash again we ended up just cuddling on the couch.

See this is all good,  but I've been deprived of everything for a while now. So being greedy I figured I would try and talk him into maybe just fingering me. I got a flat out "No." from him, you know the kind that basically tells you, "Don't ask me about it again." Yet I didn't give up... I swear I have a death wish sometimes.

Red faced I admit I all but begged at his feet for just one more orgasm but his hand. *awkward giggle* Actually I almost started crying... For those of you who don't know me very well, I never cry. Never have for him. I've been beaten black, purple and blue and never shed a tear, so for me to almost break down is a HUGE thing. And you know what he does? Laughs at me and tells me no.

That's it I will never ever break the rule that got me the withdrawal punishment again. Lesson well learned. Good thing is I did some time off for being so good today, but he won't tell me exactly how much. For all I know it could be weeks before I get any.... Wish me luck.