Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Have you ever been so turned on you can barely utter a word? Your heart beating so fast that talking is more like a sigh. I have to say one thing that turns me on the most isn't some way a guy (or girl) touches me. Its not a turn on spot, or a look across the room. No its the way a guy talks to me. Even better when their telling me exactly what their going to do to me. A deep husky voice whispering against your lips how their going to leave trails of kisses up and down your body. Or how hard and fast their going to fuck you, and how you can't do anything but take it. In fact their going to do whatever they please to you. What can you possibly say to that? So like a good girl your going to nod your head and say yes Sir. Which will make them reward you with a good slut and a kiss. I'm shuddering just thinking about it. If I could bottle that stuff up I would lather myself in it every morning. That is one way I'll be soaked before a guy even brushes me. Honestly the confidence it takes to take control of me in only a couple of words alone is sexy as all hell. Yeah I kind of have a thing for talking dirty to say the least. ;)