Monday, April 29, 2013


Shivering, quivering, squirming, shaking, moaning, gasping, screaming, wiggling, begging, whispering, loving, grasping, pulling, yanking, biting, scratching, slapping, choking, gagging, spanking, thrusting, filling, pinching, crying, blushing, breathing (barely), bruising, commanding, licking, kissing, delighting, dripping, entering, exploding, grinning, gripping, groaning, grinding, guiding, hugging, impaling, kneeling, melting, needing, pleasing, playing, caressing, releasing, satisfying, screaming, squeaking, squealing, squeezing, stretching, sucking, taming, tasting, teasing, tempting, touching, tugging, twisting, using, wanting, whining, and fucking.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Treasure Hunt.

What do you do when your Sir texts you a list of things to gather before midnight? Why you go on a treasure hunt of course! When the prize is your own release, -Especially when it's been far to long since your last orgasm-  how could you not? So it's not long before midnight and my list went like this; Towel, lube, lighter, vib, candle, and hairbrush. Oh ya and my laptop. I run around the house in my panties and tank top gathering things as I go. As the clock ticked midnight, I considered myself a winner.

I texted him I had everything he asked for and he answered telling me to call him on skype. Eager to get my reward I do so. Some pinches, pulled hair, bites, burns, and quite a bit of lube later; I'm squirting on cam for him. Yep so guess whose washing their sheets today? That would be me... To bad I don't get have some fun like that today. I hate it when me and Sir are apart for so long, it's like he takes apart of me with him. Oh well I'm counting down the days until the seventh.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Mom says my favorite word when I was a bebe was "why?" I can totally believe it too. Sir would back my mom up on this as well, my answer to almost anything is often a drawn out whinny "Whhhyyyy?" To which he just loves to respond in a the least pleasant way possible with "Because" or "Because I said so bitch." I swear he knows just how to push my buttons... Which is both a good and bad thing. So my point is why the hell is it Sunday already? I've been hiding under my covers all day -with Mr. Spiffy and Bunny-. I guess I'm thinking if I don't get up and don't do anything then tomorrow can't possibly Monday.

Another perfectly good reason for me not getting up today is my ass hurts...So bad. Last night on the phone with Sir he somehow decided that my booty needed some major pain. At one point there was (barely) four fingers up my ass. Ouchy, yet I still was begging to cum before I knew it. I haven't the slightest clue how he can make my body betray me like that. My mind may be saying ouch at first but in the end I'll be moaning like crazy. It like something happens to my nerves when he touches me. No matter if its with pleasure or pain all I know is that I want more. Why???

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bra shopping!!!

Some how I magically conjured the time and money to bra shopping at Victoria Secret. So with Sir's permission I went in search for what he wanted me to get. I was told to get a "girly, pink bra." and a "black" one. I think I accomplished my goal, but as always I would love to hear your guys opinion. Can't wait to wear these for him. I think it's a good 3 month anniversary present...  [insert girly squeal here]

Friday, April 19, 2013


 I like rules, but I love breaking them. Which can often be my downfall in a m/s relationship. Me and Sir had made our list of rules awhile back. Now they just seem not fit our life or style as much. Like trying to wear your shirt upside down. You know it supposed to go on your chest, and your arms through the small side holes. Yet it just doesn't feel right. Baggy in some places, and to tight in others. Just as the rules lack in some places and are to strict in others. So I'm going to see if we can find the time to sit down and just see what works and what doesn't. Wish me luck :D

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I'm a pain slut, there I said it. And I'll say it again, I'm a pain slut. Usually I like my pain mixed with a little pleasure though, but today all I want is to be smacked so hard I fall to my knees. Only to be face fucked until I can't breathe. And when they get bored of that, pushed over on my hands and knees. Where they fuck my ass so hard I can't help the tears falling down my face, maybe even spank me. Preferably to the point sitting isn't even in my vocabulary anymore. I don't want sugar coated pain, don't play nice. Just give it to me, as hard as you can. Please...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Who am I?

Who am I? Am I the strong stubborn personality I let most people see me as? Am I the naughty shameful pain slut that Sir brings out in me? Am I the little girl so still goes to bed with her favorite teddies, and still plays all the little games? Am I the brat who stomps her foot and pouts when she doesn't get her way? Maybe I'm even a brilliant writer, or a failed princess? I don't think I could quite tell you exactly who I am, because I'm still figuring it out for myself. But I know I can tell you a bit about me;

  • I think coffee is beyond orgasmic.
  • I love my Sir.
  • My favorite teddy bear is named Mr. Spiffy.
  • Writing comes to me as naturally as breathing. And without it I suffocate. 
  • I'm a huge Superman fan. (Don't tell Sir, but I'm kinda married to him. Shhhh...)
  • I listen to any music that can touch my soul.
  • I don't believe in having a favorite book. 
  • I'm a morning person, I often talk my room mates ear off. Tehe
  • I love frilly tu tus! 
  • I'm incredibly bull-headed. 
  • I almost always speak my mind. 
  • I crave safety, protection, and to serve.
  • I love love love chocolate. Get me a kit kat and your starting to make your way into my heart. 
  • I love parks, especially swings. I love touching the clouds.
  • Pain and pleasure go hand and hand in my sex life.
And so much more. I can't even begin to let you see into my soul. I have learned a lot about myself since I started this blog I learned how feeling weak is okay, all the more so when you have someone protecting you. I learned that females dominate just as well as men. I learned that no matter what be yourself and the rest will fall into place. I hope to continue to learn about myself. I'm so grateful for all the people who have helped me. And I hope that everyone has learned a little about me today. :) 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fire and Ice.

Sir hates talking on the phone, I love talking on the phone. That alone causes issues in communication. So imagine my complete surprise when he calls me last night. Basically the first words out of his mouth were "Do you promise to do exactly what I say, no questions, no hesitation?" I was in such a shock I could barely utter  a "Y-yes Sir."

It starts off innocently enough with him ordering me to strip off my Pj's. Yet soon there was a pile of clothes in the corner of my room, and a vib in between my legs. Not long after that I also had a hair brush up my ass, feeling so amazingly filled it didn't take long for me to feel the pressure of an orgasm start to build up. In a knowing voice he told me to ask when I want to cum.

Never having to ask to cum before I learned quickly that I had waited to long to ask. The orgasm almost upon me I moaned out "May I please cum Sir, Ooh please may I?" Only to hear a ringing "No." I begged even more trying to prolong the inevitable. "Not yet slut, not yet..." He coos at me threw the phone.

 Just when I thought I couldn't wait any longer he says "Now you may cum." And oh god I do, I whimper thank you after thank you. Awarded with a "Good slut." He tells me to go get an ice cube from the freezer down stairs. Curiosity blooming I do what he says. When I'm back in the safety of my bedroom I ordered to rub the ice over my nipples, down my stomach and against my clit. Shivering, I realize the melting ice isn't the only thing making me dripping wet.

Well the ice was gone and all I had left was water, I took another trip downstairs; this time for a whole tray. Soon I had ice in me both anally and vaginally, it felt like the very core of me was frozen. Yet pleasure still burned bright. With a piece of ice in me I also slipped in the vib, needless to say it wasn't long before I was begging to cum again. Which I was gleefully denied. Then permission was given.

After our little fun with the ice was over he asked me if I had any candles. I thought I knew where he was going with this just not to long ago we were talking about wax play and if I'd ever do it. I said I'd have to get the guts to first. Apparently  Sir decided I was going to get those guts tonight. So we lite the candles and lightly chatted as wax pooled.

When there was enough to start, he told me to poor some on my stomach. I gasped at how hot it was; it dripped down, but cooled fast. It didn't take my long to figure out I actually liked it. Soon I was dripping wax onto my tits, and even my clit. Moaning out in pleasure over the phone. The best part? After all was said and done, I got lots of good pictures!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

What have you learned today little slut?

Let me start by saying I have never been dominated by a woman before, I've always been the one calling her names, smacking her around, and making her cum under my skillful fingers. Somehow last night it just didn't  happen that way. Somehow I was the one humiliated, degraded, and smacked. Now I've had guys do this to me, no big deal. Yet a female voice in my ears calling me a dirty slut while fingering my wet pussy made me feel a whole new level of shame and naughtiness.

Feeling the sweet pleasure of her fingers slide in and out at the same time the hard smack of her other hand  across my face. Oooh I'm blushing just at the memory... What really messed me up though, she got me to beg. I'm a very proud person, but when someone gets me to the brink of orgasm over and over again, stopping just before I can tumble over that edge I will most definitely be begging for mercy.  Or more begging for the privilege to cum, which I was denied over and over.

 Another thing, it was the first time I ever said the word Mistress as someones tittle. This whole thing was so wrong, yet I find myself wanting more. Suddenly I want to be laying over a Mistresses knee while I get spanked. Don't get me wrong I haven't suddenly gone full on lesbian, I just realized that men aren't the only people who can Dom me. I don't even know why I felt that way in the first place. So this is the point in the story where some random cartoon character comes in and asks me what I learned today. To which I would reply "I learned that women can beat and abuse me just as much as men. I also learned that I kinda really like being dominated by a woman." Yeah... I wouldn't put that on Dora....

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tease... Mean, cruel, down right evil tease... I mean I love you baby...cough cough.

I found myself  in a very odd position today. By odd position I mean on my knees in front of my Sir sucking his cock. See being as amazing as he is he made me a deal if I could make him cum before his room mate comes home he'll lighten my punishment ( Withdrawal from vaginal and anal sex, oral, and fingering.) . See the tricky part was we were siting in the middle of the living room, right in front of the door. Plus his room mate was due at any moment. So eager to be touched by his hand again I made a deal with the devil and dropped to my knees.

I felt so much like a wanton teenager, just trying to finish before my parents got home. I got so scared when we heard a car door slam right outside the house, it was a mad scramble for clothes. Or more just pulling his jeans up and buttoning mine ( I was told to finger myself at this point.). Hilariously it turned out to just be the family next door. I got praised for my great job by being told to wait there while he went into the other room.

So I sat on the couch listening to him move things around in his bedroom ears searching for the scrape to wood against wood, maybe even a cabinet door opening and shutting. After what seemed like hours he came back into to the room holding a bottle of lube. It took one expecting look from him and I knew this was as much as I was going to get so might as well enjoy it.

Right after I lubed us up I pulled down my jeans and panties, kneeling in front of the couch. I rest my arms against the cushion. I could feel his hard warm cock slowly sink into my ass, then slowly pull back out. Suddenly I was being slammed into. Gasping I wince and a cry tumbles out of my lips. Over and over I was being impaled on his thick dick. As he dragged his nails down my back making me shudder and moan.

Without warning he grabs one of my wrists twisting my arm behind my back, quickly he did so with the other as well. My face pushed into the scratchy fabric of the couch by the force of his thrusts. I was finishing for the fourth time when once again we heard a car door. Again false alarm, but since we were dressed in a flash again we ended up just cuddling on the couch.

See this is all good,  but I've been deprived of everything for a while now. So being greedy I figured I would try and talk him into maybe just fingering me. I got a flat out "No." from him, you know the kind that basically tells you, "Don't ask me about it again." Yet I didn't give up... I swear I have a death wish sometimes.

Red faced I admit I all but begged at his feet for just one more orgasm but his hand. *awkward giggle* Actually I almost started crying... For those of you who don't know me very well, I never cry. Never have for him. I've been beaten black, purple and blue and never shed a tear, so for me to almost break down is a HUGE thing. And you know what he does? Laughs at me and tells me no.

That's it I will never ever break the rule that got me the withdrawal punishment again. Lesson well learned. Good thing is I did some time off for being so good today, but he won't tell me exactly how much. For all I know it could be weeks before I get any.... Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


God I need to be fucked so badly right now. I want to be used and abused. Call me slut, whore, cunt. Please please spank me. Hell slap me across the face...hard. Screw me until standing is no longer an option, shove your dick in my ass so hard I won't be able to sit for days. I'll beg, hands and knees. Just take me, claim me as yours. Hold a knife to my throat as you tell me how much a bad girl I am. Leave bruises, marks, cuts. Gag me, blind me, tie me up. I'm yours to use as you please.
                                                       Don't keep me waiting...

Friday, April 5, 2013

Business attire.

So I'm now hunkered down and stationed in Portland. And let me tell you I look HOT in business clothes. Not to brag or anything.... I've already gone to a workshop. But other then that I've played some Nintendo64, went to the mall, and meet a couple of new people. So I'd say its been a successful day. But I miss my Sir. I miss the loving touches, and the not so loving touches. I know its only been a day or two but a woman wants what a woman wants. And i know what I want...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chocolate bunnies, Job offers, and Portland trips.

So as of today my chocolate bunny is officially a thing of the past. Lets all take a moment to reminisce. Can't wait for next years though...yum... So on to happier news, I've manged to get a job offer to write blogs for a rather new company. I just sent in a sample blog on Easter. I have yet to officially hear back. But a little birdie told me its gotten plenty of thumb ups. Lastly I'm taking a trip up to Portland from Thursday to Saturday for a business convention. I must be some kinda weirdo because I'm actually excited. Well there you go folks my week and some wrapped up in a nice little blog post. :)