Sunday, July 14, 2013

Slowly Cumming by Kayla Lords

Kayla Lords never fails to write something worth drooling over. She is a fabulous writer and blogger. If this is doing it for you like it does for me, go check her out. Links below. Kayla says "I spent years not masturbating, thinking I was unable to orgasm. At the age of 32, I discovered how wrong I was. I've discovered a lot about myself in the past year, but I am still amazed at what I can do to my own body..."

I wanted it to last.  I needed it to be intense.  I  had to let off a little steam.

I spent a good hour priming myself - reading about Doms and subs, looking at pictures that seemed more fantasy than reality.

As I walked upstairs, I was already wet and dripping.

I lay down in bed, and my hands caressed my breasts, rubbing my nipples.  I cupped my breasts, feeling their weight in my hands.  I smiled.  He loves the feel of them in his hands. Thinking of his hands on my body, I felt my cunt pulse.

One hand rubbed my nipple, while the other found my hot, wet core.  I pulled my legs up to my chest and dipped my fingers into the liquid heat of my pussy.  I lazily drew circles around my lips.  My free hand pinched my nipples; my hips bucked in response.

Two fingers slipped in to my cunt - not enough.  A third followed, and then a fourth.  I moved my hand in and out, feeling the silky smoothness clamp down around my hand.  I ground my clit into my palm.

"Yesssss!" I hissed.

My hips moved back and forth, pressing into my palm.  I needed satisfaction - now.  But I wanted the anticipation.

I pulled my hand out of my pussy and found my clit.  The hood was slick and silky smooth.  I rubbed my clit as slowly as I could manage.  Long moments passed and I felt the heat, the fire, building in my core. 

 My hand moved slightly faster.  My hips moved in time with my hand.  My head thrashed back and forth.  

My back arched; my legs shook.  Finally, I exploded.  Bright lights shined behind my closed eyes.  My hand was soaked.

Good night to me.

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