Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A note to Doms

From Her Master (he wrote this, not me) 
A note to Doms: the Women We Love.
If you are truly going to own and dominate a woman, you must understand her. Everyone, of course, is unique, but I've seen some of the same things over and over between the submissive women I have known:
  • They are motivated by a deep desire to please. When you ask a “vanilla” woman what to do, she will sometimes reply “whatever you want”, which is simply annoying. However, you must understand that phrase for what it is from a submissive. She wants more than anything to please you. Whatever plans or ideas she had on her schedule, if she can make you happy she will be more fulfilled than doing whatever she wanted to do for herself. You must understand that phrase for what it is.
  • Now, this can easily become abuse. Every submissive woman I have ever personally known has been through a number of abusive relationships. She gives and men take and take and it becomes abusive. Weak men with self-esteem issues are often drawn to these women, which compounds the problem. It takes enormous strength and experience to take from a woman like this (which is what she needs) without abusing her. Your job is to soak up all her love and affection and attention, help her find ways to please you, while supporting and strengthening her as a person. This takes wisdom, experience, and, I believe, some age. I cannot imagine a 20 year old guy being a successful “dom” in any real sense of the word.
  • When you find her, she will likely have things in her past she is not proud of, and you may not be either. That doesn't matter. You must accept her exactly as she is, with all of her flaws, imperfections and mistakes and you must never hold them against her. If you are worthy of the task, she will be transformed by her relationship with you… practically an alchemical transformation… lead into gold was only a metaphor for transformation you know? It was always about transforming the common and the broken into the sublime. If you can’t accept her, you can’t have her.
  • She needs to understand and to come to trust that you are not like the people who have hurt her in her past. She has developed complex coping and self-protective mechanisms. If you would possess her, you must strip them away and this takes time, love and persistence. If you do not do that, then your relationship will be a sham because you don’t have her, you have the face she has prepared to protect herself from the outside world.
  • She will naturally subjugate her desires to yours. In my opinion, you have a sacred responsibility to build her up and to strengthen her as a person. Again, you better have the wisdom and experience to do this… if not, find your way together, but be honest with her that you cannot give her what she needs.
  • A continuation of the above point: not every submissive is a masochist… often they are, but not always. New and wanna-be Doms need to be told this because if she sees you want to beat her even if she doesn’t want it, she won’t say no. In my opinion, if you find a woman you really care about, you need to do a lot of work understanding what makes her tick, and that does take work. My girl, for instance, literally could not answer the question “what do you want?” when we started talking. Could not answer it. You do not realize how difficult that question can be for a natural submissive, but you need to teach her how to think about it and answer it sometimes.
  • Above all… above all other things… be honest with her. In a relationship like this, trust is the one thing that cannot be repaired. If you damage it, you’re done. You also need to be aware that most of these women (in my experience) have an uncanny sixth sense. They are actually or very nearly psychic and will read all of your communications on every level. Don’t lie to them. It’s not worth it and once they catch you in a single lie, you now go into the same pile of “men who hurt her” and you will never truly be trusted again.
  • There is no depression or sorrow that can compare to what happens when you hurt or disappoint one of these women. Make sure you understand the responsibility you are assuming when you begin a relationship. On the other hand, they are capable of loving on a level that you probably cannot even begin to comprehend.
  • Again let me say this clearly: you have tremendous, profound and sacred responsibility for and to this woman. Don’t fuck around with this lightly.
  • This post is not about sex. Done properly, neither is your relationship with her.
One last point… if you are ever fortunate enough to meet a natural submissive who is at a point in her life where she can give herself to you, and if you have within yourself what it takes to master her… well… there is no force in the universe like what you are about to experience. Be forewarned because you cannot possibly be prepared.

I found this and the truth to it is amazing, I highly advise new doms to listen to what this blogger has to say. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

   The day of lust and love. Gotta admit I prefer the lust part. I find it hilarious how many couples you can pass on the street today, and you know almost everyone of them is going to have some fun sex tonight. My own little sis called me today asking how to give a lap dance! Oh youth... :) Personally my amazing Valentine's day sex has to wait until this weekend, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to tease my lover until then. Mahaha! I mean... tehe? Well in honor of such a day of sex I started a little something to pass the time until your lover shows up at the door. *wink wink*

I wake to the feeling of a dull throbbing pain on the back of my head, I instinctively go to put my hand there to feel for damage but find that I cannot move my arms; both of my hands have been tied together behind my back. I open your eyes to take a look around, I’m lying on a large bed with black bedding; in the middle of a barely furnished, but  large room with dark red walls and only a small, off-yellow light bulb in the ceiling to provide lighting.

I start to panic and think to shout out but I’m wearing a gag. Just as my mind starts racing as to where I am , or who could have possibly done this to me , I hear the large door at the far side of the room open; The outside of the room is brighter than the inside, and it takes my eyes a while to adjust to the light. Before I have the chance to, the door is briskly slammed shut, and I see him, standing there with a dark and sinister smile on his face.

Using my legs I push against the bed, to get in a sitting position against the head board.  Plus it got me away from the person slowly walking towards me. My eyes slowly started to readjust to the dark, and I could see the smile on their face. Whimpering through the gag, I press myself against the wood. I start to try and struggle my way out of the bonds holding my hands behind my back.

Getting nowhere, I heard a laugh eco through the room. Without thinking about it I try and talk again. Even though I asked “Who are you?” It came out more like a jumble of sounds.  Again I heard that laugh, louder this time as they were just walking up to the bed. The bed I was on was like an island in this dark room; making me miss the light comfort of my bed at home. And soon I was not the only one in this bed; the man had sat down at the foot of it still smiling at me like a fool.

“Aren’t you a pretty one?” 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hot and Bothered

   I think I'm having one of those nights. You know the nights where no matter what you try to do, you can't quite satisfy yourself. I was just over at my good friend's house. ( You may remember him as pmk222 ) And let me tell you this man is a tease! His family was all there for the super bowl and we were just hanging. (Hopefully cheering at the right times) Then I would feel a hand inch down between my legs, or grab my ass, or even rub my nipples through my shirt. Needless to say he drove me insane. Then sent me home like that!

  So cruel! Now after fingering myself, and using my favorite blue vibrator I'm still not satisfied. I want the touch of  of his hands on my body. The feel of his lips against mine, or even lower. His quick and amazing fingers deep inside me. Or even better, his dick sinking inch by inch into me. Mmm... Gosh I'm not making this better on myself. Oh well maybe anal will do it for me tonight? Its worth a try... Now where did that vibrator go? ;)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Long time no see.

Hey guys! I know it's been forever. There's been a lot distracting me from my usual flow of writing. But cross your fingers, maybe knock on some wood that I'll have something up soon. Here's a little teaser for you, consider it my version of an apology cupcake. :)

Even with the lights on the room was still dark and foreboding. The way he looked at me made me shiver out of fear. I’m out god knows where with a man I've never seen before who obviously has something in store for me, and of course I’m sitting here tied up. My thoughts were yelling at me, which was not helping the massive headache that plagued my skull.

Openly I stared at him. Everything about him was dark, his dark brown hair, dark hazel eyes, and his tan skin. I could tell he was older than me, but he hid it well. In another time and place I might have been attracted to this man. But in the current situation all his looks did was strike fear instead of lust.

Leaning over to me he tucked a stay piece of my light brown hair behind my ear, as he studied my face. The contact made me flinch away; I did not want this man touching me. His eyes went cold. “Don’t flinch away from me. I plan on you being here for a while, so you’re going to have to learn the rules.” Leaning back away from me he says “Rule number one; never pull away from me, you’re here for my pleasure and I plan on taking full advantage of that fact.”