Sunday, May 11, 2014

Calling all perverts!

Hey just another reminder that the place to read the newest and naughtiest smut is on my new blog Here

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Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm not lost!

Hey if you still stalk this blog you're in the wrong place my friends! I have my new ( better) work on my tumblr blog now~!

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Friday, February 7, 2014


Some games I've made up and played. Wanted to share them with everyone.

1. No-Hesitation

How its played - The sub wears as less amount of clothes as possible. In the case of girls I'd recommend no bra or panties or for guys maybe no underwear and baggier easier to reach in pants. The dom spends the whole day teasing the sub, keeping them on edge. Trying to turn them on as much as possible. The sub has to trust the dom not to abuse the privilege and the sub may not deny the dom at any time.

Win / Lose - If someone sees the dom they lose.
- If the sub masturbates they lose

2. No Hands, All Hands

How its played - The sub lays still ( or however placed by the dom) either clothed or nude. The dom gets to tease and play however they want. The sub isn't allowed to move unless instructed. If the sub moves they're denied a orgasm. Every movement equals a denial. So the sub must ask when they want to cum.

Win / Lose - This is more of a give and take game.

3. Breathe

How its played - The dom wraps a hand around the subs throat, keeping them at a distance. If the sub wants to kiss the dom they are forced to cut off their own breath.

4. How Nude Can You Go?

How its played - The sub starts the day wearing a good amount of clothes, layers really. The at seemingly random points in the day the dom lets the sub know to take off a piece of clothing. The sub gets to pick which piece.

Win / Lose- They either call it a draw or the sub forfeits.

Wish List

Wanna do something that'll make me smile? Help me get the things I’ve been dreaming about. If you do I will reward your lovely behind with pictures of me with my dream object AND a long ass thank you note! 
Again if you’re kind enough to help a girl out I’ll make it worth your while!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tale of a Spanking.

I watch everyone file into the classroom from around the corner. The trick is to be late, but not get caught being late by anyone but him.
5...4...3...2... Riiinnnggg!

Thats the bell.

I rush into the classroom. Fake panting as if I ran to get here. Clothes slightly disheveled. I don't dare make eye contact until I reach my seat in the back of the room. I don't want him to notice that its all just a cleverly put on act. A means to an end. I pass dozens of girls, all prim and ready.

All in matching uniforms. Navy blue skirts, grey over the knee socks, white button down shirt with a navy blue tie, and most importantly cotton white panties. Every single girl. See, at my school the main punishment is spanking and teachers don't want the girls wearing promiscuous panties. As I sit, I finally look at him. Straight in the eyes, challenging him with only a look. 

"Ms. Miller I hope you have a good reason for being late."

"Should I?" I quickly retort.

"How about you come join me in front of the class?"

"Hmm... Sure I guess so." Tapping my chin I pretend to be thinking about it. Very deliberately I walk to the front of the room.

"Pull down your panties. Bend over the desk." I'm sure some mixture of a refusal and a smartass comment comes out of my mouth. Its obvious that I'm testing him. Still, he keeps calm and collected. Once again he demands I bend over. The sadistic look in his eyes is one I know well. Fear bubbles up as I realize I'm only giving him the excuse he needs to be more cruel. For the sake of self preservation I slowly bend over his desk.

Still I won't pull down my panties. I don't want him to see how wet they are in anticipation. The white cotton is sticking to my wet cunt. Lying as flat as I can on the desk only makes the buttons from my shirt dig into my breasts more. His fingers barely brush my skin as he folds up my skirt and tucks the end into the waistband.

Reaching over I grab the other side of the old wooden desk to steady myself. I pray that the other girls can't see my legs shaking. Swiftly he yanks down my panties. Not with malice, but with a "rip the bandage off" mentality. I hiss through my teeth when I feel the cold air of the classroom hit someplace warm.

Over my shoulder I hear him say to both me and the class, "This is the third time in a month you've been tardy. My pat-" I can't help myself, the words fly out of my mouth before I can catch them.

"Oh, don't get your panties in a bunch. Its not like I missed anything interesting. This is math class after all." He continues as if he didn't hear my statement.

"- ince is running thin. 15 swats for tardiness and 10 more for unladylike behavior." A gasp erupts from the class. 25 swats! Its unheard of! I swear he nearly smiles as he bends over and grabs the ruler next to me. As he does so he whispers in my ear "See me after school young lady."

I shudder and nod. Loud enough for everyone to hear he reminds me to thank him for each hit. I remind myself that I will not cry. Though I know he will not once pet my ass, I like to imagine he will rub the sting away after each hit; soothing all the redness. 


I squeal and jump a little. I'm never prepared enough for the first strike. "Thank you, Sir." I spit out with as much venom as possible. I bet he thinks he can break me, thats cute.


"Thank you, Sir." Breathe. Remember breathing is good. I giggle at him, pushing his buttons.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

He hits quickly and I lose myself in the punishment. I thank him after each one. Still trying to keep myself relaxed and breathing, I pretend to yawn as if this is boring me to sleep. Not letting on that each spanking is a wave of both pain and pleasure. 

"This. Is. Not. A. Laughing. Matter." Each word is emphasized by a strike of the ruler. The 'Thank you, Sir's ' became higher pitch as I feel like every smack is one against my clit. My thighs slick with dripping juices. I imagine him setting down the ruler only to slip his hand between my legs. Finding out for himself just how wet I really am. Maybe he even slips a finger in. My little fantasy is so vivid in my head I have to bite back a moan at the idea. 


"Thank you, Sir." Oh how much I'd love to hear the class mummer in shock as my math teacher makes me cum in front of them all. I do a mental count. Only a couple more.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Done.

The lovely stinging and warmth spread across my bum. I'll admit this isn't my first spanking. But every single one is better than the last. With as much dignity I can muster on shaky legs; I stand up. I pull up my panties then I set down my skirt. I refuse to look beaten, but its best not to look to excited either.

Walking back through the rows of open mouthed girls, I can't help but crack a smile. I win, I think to myself. Sitting down for the first time, I have to fight the urge to jump back up as the pain floods. A striking emphasis on the punishment I just endured. As I'm getting out my notebook I suddenly remember what he whispered into my ear, 'See me after school young lady'. His stern voice reminds me. Hmm wonder if I really won after all. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I love roaming hands. Hands with ADD. Hands that can't sit still. Groping, rubbing, grabing, petting, pinching, pulling, tickling, massaging, restless hands. Let your hands wear themselves out on my body.

Lose them in the soft folds of my clothes. Hear me whimper while your hands caress my skin. See I don't just like restless hands, I like eager hands, rough hands, nervous hands, patient hands. Those are the ones that will remember every bit of your body. Every freckle, every crease, and yes your every flaw. Despite that they'll love you anyway.

Experience tells me hands are best enjoyed with a glass of wine and John Mayer playing in the background. Preferably with lots of time on- I mean for our hands. There was a time in my life when I didn't trust hands. But now to the right pair I will expose myself.

Willing to be at their mercy; for good or for bad. I will not deny that hands fascinate me. I'll let you in on a secret; I'm guilty of having roaming hands.

No part of your body is safe from me. Given permission I can likely spend hours memorizing which paths are best to take. What gives you goosebumps; goosebumps that I read like brail. Let your body speak to me through my hands. A language all hands understand.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Taunted, Teased, and Tortured.

"Huh, what was that? What'd you say ragazza?"

"I...I...Mmm...I said you're an asshole."

You had on that smirk. You know the one that just drives me insane. Instinct drives me to kiss it off you face. Not light kisses, but hard ones that leave swollen lips. I was putty in your arms as soon as the alcohol put that evil glint in your eyes. Admittedly it wasn't very long until I found myself with a knee in between my legs and scratch marks down my back.

If you were to have me recall exactly how I got there, I don't know if I could. I might tell you it started with one too many drinks and a fake lip piercing. Which in turn lead to a kiss. From there is was a cocktail of halfhearted refusals and sharp nails.

Somewhere on my bedroom floor is my stubbornness. I'm pretty sure its lying next to my sweats, tanktop, and bra.

"Is something wrong ragazza?" Your Italian accent thick on your tongue.

"W-why would you ask that?" I stutter, confusion displaying on my features.

"Well, your whimpering, that must mean something is wrong, right?"

Confusion is sucked away by embarrassment. Some form of a denial slipped through my lips. All the while clever fingers rub at my clit and a smartass mouth tantalizes my nipples. I was being taunted, teased, tortured, and goddamn if I wasn't loving every bit of it.

No doubt he was getting justice for earlier. I should've bit my tongue instead of telling him theres no way he could be a dom. That he couldn't be good in bed if he tried. Now I'm "suffering" the consequences.
 I was oh so mmm... wrong.

"Oh please please stop." I whine. He's given me so many orgasms I've lost count. The pleasure is borderline painful.

"Stop what princess?" He chuckles.

"I can't take anymore. I'm too s-sensitive."

"Take what?" You ask sadistically.

"You know exactly what I', talking about!" I exclaim.

"Do I?" You taunt me yet again.

My huffs and squirms do nothing to remove your hand from in between my legs. Overloading my system, and forcing me to orgasm against my will. Even when I've finally had a break and actually craving an orgasm, I found that he thought it was hilarious to snatch his hand away at the worst possible moment.

Needless to say, by the end of the night I was a mess.

The bed was soaked, and he and I were both exhausted.

I've found that he has a way of surprising me.