Sunday, April 21, 2013


Mom says my favorite word when I was a bebe was "why?" I can totally believe it too. Sir would back my mom up on this as well, my answer to almost anything is often a drawn out whinny "Whhhyyyy?" To which he just loves to respond in a the least pleasant way possible with "Because" or "Because I said so bitch." I swear he knows just how to push my buttons... Which is both a good and bad thing. So my point is why the hell is it Sunday already? I've been hiding under my covers all day -with Mr. Spiffy and Bunny-. I guess I'm thinking if I don't get up and don't do anything then tomorrow can't possibly Monday.

Another perfectly good reason for me not getting up today is my ass hurts...So bad. Last night on the phone with Sir he somehow decided that my booty needed some major pain. At one point there was (barely) four fingers up my ass. Ouchy, yet I still was begging to cum before I knew it. I haven't the slightest clue how he can make my body betray me like that. My mind may be saying ouch at first but in the end I'll be moaning like crazy. It like something happens to my nerves when he touches me. No matter if its with pleasure or pain all I know is that I want more. Why???