Friday, June 28, 2013

Theater anal

The theater was dark and the smell of popcorn was in the air. Vibrator already inside me. My heart already pounding in my chest. I had no clue what was to come of me. On screen the movie had already started, the remote was in his hand this time. Reaching down he pulls up my skirt, leaving the only thing between me and his skillful panties.

Which he pushes aside, he pulls out the egg - wet with my juices- and only spares me a glance before he pushes it into a much naughtier hole. With remote still in hand he turns it on, I hold my breath to hold in the gasp of surprise. He teases me turning it up and down randomly all the while demanding I pay attention to the movie.

Quite a high order if you ask me. He leans over and whispers in my ear to take off my panties. I lift my bottom and slide off my silky black panties and hand them over to him. He thanks me by rubbing them against my clit.

(This is still unfinished, I challenged my sir to hack my account....never again will she doubt my hacking abilities)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anal Slut.

He walked into my bedroom like He fucking owned it. It was hot as hell. Pushing me down face first on to the bed He lifts up my skirt and yanks down my panties. Gasping I wriggled trying to escape from His iron grip. Quickly I realized there is no getting out of this. I hang on to the edge of the bed for dear life as His cock slips into the most naughty of holes. 

Slamming again and again into me. I bite Mr. Spiffy in a terrible attempt to muffle my screams. His hand wove in my hair; yanking He pulled my head back. "Quiet bitch." I nod my head afraid that if I talk my voice would only crack and give away the silent tears. How can being used so violently be so hot yet so scary? Hitching  up my ass until I'm on my knees He grunts out "Hands." Automatically both arms reach behind my back for Him to hold onto, leaving my face to rub against the bed. 

"You're such a whore. Even now you can't help but love how I'm abusing your ass." Suddenly I'm being jerked up and thrown to the floor. "Are you crying?" I start to shake my head "no" out of habit, then stop and whisper out "Yes Sir."

"Good." Without warning my panties are being stuffed into my month, hands are being wrenched behind my back and handcuffed, and a thick cock is once again being shoved into my ass. Wailing into my panties, I know that if his fingers found my pussy He would find me soaking wet. He keeps growling out dirty words for my ears to gobble up. 

Yet just as I was getting to my breaking point He pulls out, undoes the cuffs, and takes out the gag. Turning to Him I collapse into His lap. His words turn from cruel and dirty to soft and sweet.
"What a good girl. You did so good. I love you." After a minute or two I seemed to come back to this planet and able to talk again. Looking up at Him I ask "Will you make love to me now?" Gently He lays me on my back and does just that, over and over again. 

(P.s. I'm not breaking rules by posting this before my punishment is up. No worries :)  ) 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bad Princess...

Umm okay there is absolutely no good way of saying this. So I'm going to go with the rip-the-bandage-off line of thinking, and be blunt; I'm not going to be on my blog for about two weeks...

Story Time!

Once upon a time there was a small princess, and she made her protector very mad. So her protector outlawed internet for a whole two weeks. Princess was very upset, but she understood. So she wrote a note to all her friends saying she wouldn't be on for a while, and packed away her computer. Next time she thinks to herself I'll be a good princess. 

The End!

Yeah so that about sums it all up. Love you guys! I'll bring some extra smutty smut with me when I come back!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Schools out! Well almost...

:D I cannot stop smiling! I just finished up all my school work, now I'm ready to be brain dead. I feel like a zombie, I was up so late last night cramming. Then next year I get to do it all over! Yay... All I have to do is go in tomorrow and collect some stuff. Other then that not much is really happening. I've been working on some writing, maybe even get around to putting together an ebook this summer. Would you guys be interested in reading something by me?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

*Wags finger* I see what you did there.

I felt so full, and wet, and hot, and in pain, and lots of pleasure, and breathless, and shivering, (from cold or pleasure the world may never know), and so much more. It was just so much of a sensory over load. With a phone clutched to my ear, egg and dildo up my ass, hair brush in my pussy, clips on my nipples and clit, water from melted ice everywhere, cooled wax chipping off my skin, and belt around my neck. I just wasn't sure what to feel anymore. No that's not true more like I was trying to feel everything. My orders before this was to begin was no matter what happened I was not allowed to cum, if I felt like cumming I had to tell Him and stop whatever I was doing. This being said I was probably edged at least fifteen times.

Five of those were due to a mixture of wanting fingers, cold ice in places that are always so warm, hot wax well everywhere, and a giant blue dildo up my ass. The other ten were specifically ordered. It's funny I like to think of myself as a person who doesn't cry a lot, yet by the end I was tearing up and begging for mercy. Granted none we continued. Finally after goddess knows how long the words I've been more then aching to hear all night come through the phone. "You may cum." It was amazing. It was breath taking. It certainly made the rest of the night worth it. It was like all the flood that had been held back came rushing forward. I was trembling and almost everything beneath me was wet. Well played Sir... Well played.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Naughty Naughty... Bad girl.

Its not my fault! Okay well maybe it is... but I'd like to think it's His. He's the one who teased and teased me!  I was ever so not so innocently doing my accounting homework, He was watching T.V. Do you know how hard for someone with ADHD to focus on accounting when a T.V. is on? Very. So of course He had to keep reminding me to get back to work. I mean He wasn't even watching it, He was reading! I think He had it on just to mess with me... Grr...

Anyway this consent reminding must have ended up annoying Him (as well as me damn it) because He said that if I wasn't going to work I might as well be pleasuring Him. I admit my next course of action may have not have been the smartest... I suck my tongue out at Him. I know right. I must have a death wish.

 Quickly I look down and pretend like I'm doing my homework and that my life and possibly my ass wasn't in danger. I could hear Him set the book down behind me, I stiffened in my seat. Soon I could also hear His foot steps walk up behind me. I knew He was there, but I didn't dare look up. Suddenly I felt hands around my throat, choking me He whispers in my ear. "Do you have something to say to me?"

"Uhh... No Sir?" I choke out.

"Good, now what do you have to say?"He growls

"Nothing?" I whimper.

"What do you have to say?" He asks tightening his grip, making the world tilt slightly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He suddenly releases me causing me to fall slightly forward. Griping the back of my neck, He pulls my head up.

"Get to work."

"Y-yes Sir..." Yep so He decided this little transaction must mean its a free for all when it comes to teasing me. Efficiently He drives me insane with lust. Only to be sent home with the orders not to pleasure myself. Yeaaaahhhh.... About that.... Whoops? I'm so getting punished for this, but I couldn't help it. My hand was like just there. Sigh. If you don't hear from me in the nest couple days I'm probably being held captive and being tortured... and not completely in the good way either.

I mean I know I deserve it. I should have followed orders... maybe I subconsciously want to be punished? That could explain why I wanted to so damn bad... Well lets hope it was worth it. I still blame Him...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Honey I'm home!

I walk into the door, and he’s standing there. Leash in hand. It’s been such a long day…Maybe this is what I need? I shut the door behind me and fall to my knees. Bowing my head I wait for him to attach the leash to my collar. When he does he pulls me to my feet and slams me against the door. “Mine.” He growls in my ear.
He wraps the leash around his hand, quickly constricting my movement. I can’t breathe. I can’t speak. I can’t think. His gaze alone takes my breath away. His words easily devour mine. His kissed leave me dizzy and confused.

He picks me up; taking a cue I warp my legs around his waist. My skirt gets pushed up to my waist revealing my red satin panties. Growling he rubs against me, the friction intoxicating. He pushes me into the wall harder making the door rattle. Tipsy on his kisses, I hardly notice how he had carried me just feet away to the couch. Well at least not until he dropped me on it. I try and skirt away daring him to come after me.
Instead I was only yanked back like a little girls rag doll. Practically tripping over myself I land face first on the couch. All the while he stands over demanding complete control and obedience. Before I could scramble into a more dignified position he grabs a hold of my legs swinging them off the edge of the couch. He has me carefully arranged to where I’m on my knees in front of the couch. 

Gracefully he kneels behind me, pushing up my skirt and tearing off my panties. Taking no time with niceties he slams into me with a grunt. When I cry out I’m rewarded with a yank on my leash, which in turn pulls my head up, bowing my back. “Quiet slut. Don’t speak. Don’t move.” Again and again he impales me on his dick.

Suddenly an orgasm was upon me. Pleasure rushed through my being. A hand clamps over my mouth in an effort to stay quiet. Abruptly he was finishing, filling me with his warm seed.  Collapsing beside me, back against the couch he pulls my head into his lap. “Clean and dry me off.” Doing as he says I engulf him in my mouth tongue cleaning off any and all seed and juices. When done my hand reaches out to dry him of my slobber. He pulls me into his lap for murmured words of “Good girl. Good slut.” And a hand stroking my hair, looking up at him I asked 

“So how was your day Sir?”