Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Pet.

My pet.

His hands. God those hands. Just the thought is making me tingly all over. I know what those hands can do. I've felt the power behind those long piano fingers; I've felt the warmth of his palms against my sex. So needless to say; I like his hands.

His mouth. Mm his yummy mouth. The taste drives me wild. The way he kisses me, so fully, so passionately. How could I not enjoy it? So much more so when it’s sucking at my nipples or licking me it very personal places.

His eyes. His smothering eyes. I all but melt under the look he gives me when he’s pleasuring me. Looking up at me from under his lashes, a knowing look. He knows how he affects me and he loves every second of it. Such blunt lust! Oh my! I could fall into those eyes.

His chest. Oh it’s just lovely! How I love to bite and play. His chest is perfect for me to lick and nip at. Such a marvelous expanse of skin, all too soon to be covered in my marks.

And best of all. His dick. I’m moaning at the thought! Oh how he fills me! I can feel him hit the back of me time and time again. It’s simply amazing.

Oh how I love my puppy. 

Just me putting some thoughts on paper....