Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anal Slut.

He walked into my bedroom like He fucking owned it. It was hot as hell. Pushing me down face first on to the bed He lifts up my skirt and yanks down my panties. Gasping I wriggled trying to escape from His iron grip. Quickly I realized there is no getting out of this. I hang on to the edge of the bed for dear life as His cock slips into the most naughty of holes. 

Slamming again and again into me. I bite Mr. Spiffy in a terrible attempt to muffle my screams. His hand wove in my hair; yanking He pulled my head back. "Quiet bitch." I nod my head afraid that if I talk my voice would only crack and give away the silent tears. How can being used so violently be so hot yet so scary? Hitching  up my ass until I'm on my knees He grunts out "Hands." Automatically both arms reach behind my back for Him to hold onto, leaving my face to rub against the bed. 

"You're such a whore. Even now you can't help but love how I'm abusing your ass." Suddenly I'm being jerked up and thrown to the floor. "Are you crying?" I start to shake my head "no" out of habit, then stop and whisper out "Yes Sir."

"Good." Without warning my panties are being stuffed into my month, hands are being wrenched behind my back and handcuffed, and a thick cock is once again being shoved into my ass. Wailing into my panties, I know that if his fingers found my pussy He would find me soaking wet. He keeps growling out dirty words for my ears to gobble up. 

Yet just as I was getting to my breaking point He pulls out, undoes the cuffs, and takes out the gag. Turning to Him I collapse into His lap. His words turn from cruel and dirty to soft and sweet.
"What a good girl. You did so good. I love you." After a minute or two I seemed to come back to this planet and able to talk again. Looking up at Him I ask "Will you make love to me now?" Gently He lays me on my back and does just that, over and over again. 

(P.s. I'm not breaking rules by posting this before my punishment is up. No worries :)  )