Sunday, June 9, 2013

*Wags finger* I see what you did there.

I felt so full, and wet, and hot, and in pain, and lots of pleasure, and breathless, and shivering, (from cold or pleasure the world may never know), and so much more. It was just so much of a sensory over load. With a phone clutched to my ear, egg and dildo up my ass, hair brush in my pussy, clips on my nipples and clit, water from melted ice everywhere, cooled wax chipping off my skin, and belt around my neck. I just wasn't sure what to feel anymore. No that's not true more like I was trying to feel everything. My orders before this was to begin was no matter what happened I was not allowed to cum, if I felt like cumming I had to tell Him and stop whatever I was doing. This being said I was probably edged at least fifteen times.

Five of those were due to a mixture of wanting fingers, cold ice in places that are always so warm, hot wax well everywhere, and a giant blue dildo up my ass. The other ten were specifically ordered. It's funny I like to think of myself as a person who doesn't cry a lot, yet by the end I was tearing up and begging for mercy. Granted none we continued. Finally after goddess knows how long the words I've been more then aching to hear all night come through the phone. "You may cum." It was amazing. It was breath taking. It certainly made the rest of the night worth it. It was like all the flood that had been held back came rushing forward. I was trembling and almost everything beneath me was wet. Well played Sir... Well played.