Monday, July 29, 2013

Tie me up.

I have a friend here in Texas, and when talking to him last night we had got onto the topic of tying girls up. Him being a rope lover and me obviously missing out on something I needed to know more. I was able to spend some unexpected time with him today. So here we are driving down the road talking about rope and whatknots (Tehe what knots). When suddenly BOOM homedepot appears. Okay so maybe we were driving by it... Either way in a split second decision we decide to go in and by some rope.

I swear my face was red the whole way in. I had convinced myself they knew exactly what we were buying rope for and to make matters worse we had to ask where it was. Twice. *shudder* Thankfully we were out of there quickly after finding and buying exactly what we wanted. Due to people both at his house and mine we took this little paryt to a park nearby.  First it was just my hands behind my back. Which was very thrilling.

My heart was fluttering. Every touch was intensified. I could feel him brush my skirt as he wrapped the rope around itself. I could feel the nylon rubbing lightly. Admittedly I fell in love with it the moment he made me turn around. Sadly it wasn't meant to last for some kids had saw us. Oops... Quickly we pack up and left to a much more discreet place. Where -drum roll please- I was tied up in my first harness.

It was too much fun! I didn't ever want to take it off. In fact I didn't for a while. We would be driving and abruptly he would reach over and tug either the front or the back of it, leaving me gasping and grinding. Keeping even somewhat normal convo during this is next to impossible. Sigh but it was so worth it in the end. ;)

Yet like all good things it didn't last. I had to go back home, untied. Surprisingly he let me take home the rope, which means for the last hour or so I've been tying myself up all sorts of ways. Even managed to recreated the harness he tied me up in.
Downward view. 

Give me, Give me, Give me!

I want a good ol'fashion mind fuck. You know the kind where he crawls into your head and doesn't leave until you're so wanton, so needy that you don't even remember your name. You don't worry though because Slut seems like a nice replacement. I want to grind against dirty thoughts, and orgasm to commanding words. I want to lay at his feet a begging hot mess. I want him to tell me I don't know what I want. When he finally lays a hand on me its teasing and taunting. So it isn't long before tears are rolling down my face from being denied what I want most at that moment. Theres so much control to be had over a needy girl, I want him to come and steal it. I want so that when I finally get release that I've been groveling for, its from a sturdy hand spanking me. Going SMACK, SMACK, SMACK across my ass. Mmm yes thats what I want  this fine morning.