Saturday, September 21, 2013

What being a writer means to me

It means never leaving well enough alone.
It means adventures without all the treasure.
It means sometimes I'm just not good enough.
It means never giving up.

It means being alone with voices (known as characters) in my head.
It means seeing the things that are hard to see.
It means saying the things that are hard to say.
It means never, ever, giving up.

It means making someone think
It means making someone cry,
It means typewriters, and keyboards, pens, and paper.
It means never even thinking about giving up.

It means that scrap of receipt you found in the bottom of your purse that you hastily write on at the checkout counter, because you'd never forgive yourself if you forget the way you described her eyes.
It means empty tea cups and half read books.
It means knowing inspiration comes in all forms.
It means never losing hope, and not daring to give up.

It means traveling everywhere in your dreams.
It means having dreams.
It means the smile you get when you've found just the right way to word something.
It means never knowing how to word some things.
It means never in a million years giving up.

It means learning to say "I'm a writer" and not sound like you're still trying to convince yourself.
It means late nights, and lots of coffee.
It means people watching
It means theres always a good reason to never give up.

It means fan mail.
It means being someone guilty pleasure.
It means making a difference.
It means you can not give up.

It means being alone.
It means struggle.
It means knowing that you are just one piece to the world.
It means your lovers will live on.
And sometimes, just sometimes, it means knowing when to put down the pen. When to close your eyes, and just give some things up.