Monday, December 17, 2012

Role Reversal- The End

     “Good girl.” Jake crooned as she relaxed. “I think you’re ready to play.” Claire wondered what exactly he meant by “play.” Undoing the chains that were holding her waist, he propped her abdomen over his knees, then rechained her. Claire wondered what the hell he was doing, she soon had her answer. Sliding two fingers into her, he prodded, causing Claire to whimper from how sensitive she was.
    “Such a good girl.” Jake whispered. “My good girl.” His words shocked Claire to the core. She was his, and she loved it. Jake licked along Claire’s pussy and Claire couldn’t help but bold back a cry of ecstasy. “Do you like this?” He teased.  “Do you like it when I pet your sweet little pussy?” Mewling as Jake tortured her with his tongue, she writhed between him and the chains.
    “Shh.” Jake said chuckling. “Good girl.” He was enthralled by how sensitive she was, already on the verge of an orgasm. Feeling mischievous, Jake nipped her, pulling her with his teeth, and earning a half-scream-half-moan. “Do you like that?” Jake laughed as she continued moaning. 
      “Are you ready for me?” He asked. “Let me check.” He slid his fingers in and gently prodded, as though he realized how sensitive she must be from his earlier attentions. Without speaking, Jake slide out from under her and tilted her hips, allowing easier access as he slowly sank into her. Claire nodded, her eyes closed as she concentrated on breathing and rocking her hips. “Good girl.” Jake crooned. Claire felt herself rising higher and higher, and bit her lip to keep back a moan.
        Suddenly, her high barreled over her, overpowering Claire’s wishes. “Jake!” Claire screamed as brilliance overcame her. She felt Jake come inside her, prolonging her orgasm.
         They both lay there panting, neither bothering to talk. Wordlessly, Jake pulled out of her and redressed. He kissed her mound, making her wet and needy once again, and unchained her hands.  “See you around.” Jake whispered, then he walked outside, with Claire still Struggling to undo the rest of her chains, and drove away. 

Girlfriend test?

So i was with some friends the other day, and some how we got on the topic of this thing called a girlfriend test. Basically its where a girl has to match a ton of controllers to their video game system. Of course being silly little me i offered up that i could do it, and them not believing me sat me down and made me take it. I just have one thing to say on the matter... IN YOUR FACE I TOLD YOU! For those of you who wish to challenge yourself i post the test with this. The second thing i wanted to cover was i have a new update on my pretty picture. ( with much thanks to the ever so lovely  Mr.Wolf)