Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Catch up

So my lovelies I'm in the hottest place I've ever been to. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Texas! Not. Humidity and heat is so not cute on me. Yet I will live with it. You know why? Dear old Daddy. Its about that time of year I have to come visit him. Speaking of hims... I wish Sir could have come with me. Oh well another time. I must say we are fairly good at stay connected over long distances; especially with the internet and cell phones. 

Me and Sir were having some very interesting conversations last night. Lately we've been thinking about taking on a third. Preferably a submissive girl. Our issue is we have a hard enough time arranging threesomes, much less someone to take on 24/7. And if it would even be fair taking on someone else when we don't live together. Questions, questions... That wasn't only one of the things we talked about, we also had a lovely convo about cages, jail cells, and other such things. Its one of my biggest fantasies to be locked in a jail cell for days at a time, completely dependent on my Sir. Food, water, bathes, and clothes is all His responsibility. Not mine. 

Sounds extremely relaxing... Wow okay just thinking about that...  Did I just said being locked in a jail cell for days possibly naked, possibly starved, and very likely used is relaxing? Yep that sounds about right :D We had the idea of having a point system during this time. I would start out with no privileges. No clothes, no bed, minimum food, and uncomfortable showers. Then if I'm good work our way up to those things and maybe more. ( I'm trying to talk him into an unlimited amount of coloring books. Cross your fingers!) 

I think we were also talking a little about testing me on the lessons I've learned.  We would keep the points in chalk on the wall so its obvious where I'm at, at all times. Honestly I would love all of the things above, my only set back would be that being alone like that would scare and bore me very quickly. So that's something to work through. Other then that, bring it on! Lol.  So that's whats been on our deliciously sexy minds. 

Oh one more thing! I'm looking for covers for my novella, if anyone can help me out in anyway if that pleas email me. Thanks in advance!