Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

   The day of lust and love. Gotta admit I prefer the lust part. I find it hilarious how many couples you can pass on the street today, and you know almost everyone of them is going to have some fun sex tonight. My own little sis called me today asking how to give a lap dance! Oh youth... :) Personally my amazing Valentine's day sex has to wait until this weekend, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to tease my lover until then. Mahaha! I mean... tehe? Well in honor of such a day of sex I started a little something to pass the time until your lover shows up at the door. *wink wink*

I wake to the feeling of a dull throbbing pain on the back of my head, I instinctively go to put my hand there to feel for damage but find that I cannot move my arms; both of my hands have been tied together behind my back. I open your eyes to take a look around, I’m lying on a large bed with black bedding; in the middle of a barely furnished, but  large room with dark red walls and only a small, off-yellow light bulb in the ceiling to provide lighting.

I start to panic and think to shout out but I’m wearing a gag. Just as my mind starts racing as to where I am , or who could have possibly done this to me , I hear the large door at the far side of the room open; The outside of the room is brighter than the inside, and it takes my eyes a while to adjust to the light. Before I have the chance to, the door is briskly slammed shut, and I see him, standing there with a dark and sinister smile on his face.

Using my legs I push against the bed, to get in a sitting position against the head board.  Plus it got me away from the person slowly walking towards me. My eyes slowly started to readjust to the dark, and I could see the smile on their face. Whimpering through the gag, I press myself against the wood. I start to try and struggle my way out of the bonds holding my hands behind my back.

Getting nowhere, I heard a laugh eco through the room. Without thinking about it I try and talk again. Even though I asked “Who are you?” It came out more like a jumble of sounds.  Again I heard that laugh, louder this time as they were just walking up to the bed. The bed I was on was like an island in this dark room; making me miss the light comfort of my bed at home. And soon I was not the only one in this bed; the man had sat down at the foot of it still smiling at me like a fool.

“Aren’t you a pretty one?”