Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pleasure and Pain

Pleasure and pain, two things I go on talking about for quite some while. In short pleasure is a deep warmth that engulfs your entire being. It swells up inside you until you can take anymore and you explode into blissful orgasm. Pleasure is a deep pull of a cigar, home made cookies, and the smell of coffee. Where as pain is sharp, yet sweet. Raises the hair on the back of your neck making goose bumps. Your skin tingles with every bit inflicted. It doesn't have the slow warm build up that pleasure does, it over powers you with the first taste.  Making your orgasm rush upon you in a wave of sensations. Pain is spicy, and provokes a reaction every time. Now mix pleasure and pain, you get a firework display of feeling. Hot. Spicy. Taboo. Sweaty. Sharp. Naughty. Sweet. Sexy. Love. Hate. All at once. Yummm... It is in my personal opinion that pleasure and pain should always come hand in hand. Yank my hair then kiss me, I can promise I'll be weak in the knees.

I found it very simply said on a blog I follow. Though I'm not sure who exactly wrote this.

Why do you enjoy pain?
I don’t really experience it as pain. Somehow the neurons cross and what starts out as pain becomes interpreted as pleasure.

Even when it is very hard?
Especially when it is very hard… The allowing of the very hard, seems to speed the transition to pleasure. A soft spank is not nearly as pleasurable as a hard spank, unless I know that a hard one is going to follow. I *feel* the pain on my bottom, but by the time it travels up to my brain, it *feels* great. It’s only when it’s really hard that I know I have truly given up control.