Monday, March 11, 2013

Victoria Secret = My Secret Weapon.

     First of all; sorry for the rare posts as of late. Been a bit busy, but trust me some fun came out of all those missed blogging weekends. So this last weekend my robotics team - yes that's right I'm proudly a part of my local robotics team- went up to Portland Oregon to compete, and my boyfriend also happens to be part of the team. Very unwisely we were assigned rooms right next to each other, which of course made it wonderfully easy to sneak in.
    But backing up here, earlier in this weekend I took a visit to the Victoria Secret; I found the most amazing little scrap of fabric. Dark blue with black lace, it was knock out. Of course I sneak over dressed in this. I was rewarded by some amazing shower sex.

My great buy. 
 Something about the warm slick of water drumming on you as you get the brains fucked out of you is kinda hot. Hmm maybe its just me ;)  Anyway the night was farther improved with me being able to spend the night with him; which doesn't happen often enough due to me having room mates and him not having his own place.