Saturday, April 27, 2013

Treasure Hunt.

What do you do when your Sir texts you a list of things to gather before midnight? Why you go on a treasure hunt of course! When the prize is your own release, -Especially when it's been far to long since your last orgasm-  how could you not? So it's not long before midnight and my list went like this; Towel, lube, lighter, vib, candle, and hairbrush. Oh ya and my laptop. I run around the house in my panties and tank top gathering things as I go. As the clock ticked midnight, I considered myself a winner.

I texted him I had everything he asked for and he answered telling me to call him on skype. Eager to get my reward I do so. Some pinches, pulled hair, bites, burns, and quite a bit of lube later; I'm squirting on cam for him. Yep so guess whose washing their sheets today? That would be me... To bad I don't get have some fun like that today. I hate it when me and Sir are apart for so long, it's like he takes apart of me with him. Oh well I'm counting down the days until the seventh.