Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hi I’m Blythe.
This is idea barrowed from an AMAZING writer who goes by Jack. Go checks him out here Read his stuff and leave a comment telling him I sent you!

Hi I’m Blythe, and I love reading.

Hi I’m Blythe, and I have I’ve got a wicked mind.

Hi I’m Blythe, I am proudly bisexual.

Hi I’m Blythe; I do my best to make people happy.

Hi I’m Blythe, and I can be a top or bottom.

Hi I’m Blythe I’m outgoing, yet secretive.

Hi I’m Blythe; I’m a naughty little girl.

Hi I’m Blythe, and I’m something the world has never seen before.

Hi I’m Blythe, that’s not my given name, yet it’s still mine.

Hi I’m Blythe I could be the best sex partner you would ever have.

Hi I’m Blythe, and I’m an extremely stubborn person.

Hi I’m Blythe, and I always get what I want.

Hi I’m Blythe, and not many people know the “real” me.

Hi I’m Blythe and I write dirty.