Sunday, November 4, 2012

I love you like a sister

Chapter 1 part 1
Running into her room, she quickly shuts the door letting it slam behind her. Breathless she flops down on to the bed. Laying there she could feel her body burning up. A flame that starts in between her legs. Striping off her shirt she lets the scene play in her head yet again.
The way he pushed her up against the wall, kissing her, touching her. Not taking no for an answer, not caring that they were in the middle of school. Especially not when he slipped his hand down her pants. And when he covered her mouth with a kiss, like he knew the moan she was going to let out when he slid a finger in. Then suddenly without warning, he left.
With nothing to remember him by other than a whisper in her ear of finishing this later and the ever growing wetness gathering in her panties. So now here she is burning alive lying naked in her bed. Never in her life has she felt the need to touch herself as much as she did now. Almost unconsciously she let her fingers slide down her skin, crawling closer and closer to the slit between her legs.
With one hand resting on her breast lazily, she let her finger penetrate her pussy. Quickly with no time to back out she shoved another in. Almost yelping out at the pain, yet almost moaning at the pleasure. Biting her lip she slowly slid in and out of herself. Her face was burning bright red.
Then without notice the door of her bedroom swung open to reveal her brother. He was too shocked to move, and she was too shocked to speak. Then with a lopsided grin her older sibling of two years said “You’re doing it wrong.”

Chapter 1

“What?! Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?! I’m doing what wrong? I’m not doing anything; I was changing out of my school clothes.”
“You and I both know changing was not what you were doing.”
“Oh ya?” She challenged, now covered with a thin sheet.
“Ya, because last I checked changing didn’t involve lying on your bed…” When I said these words you could just see her face grow darker- if possible-. Now a brother is a brother, but a man is a man. And when you’re a man of sixteen there’s something’s you just have to appreciate in life and a naked woman lying on a bed obviously aroused, and barely covered with a thin sheet that you can see her erect nipples under is definitely something worth appreciating.
“So…” I said. “Again I repeat you’re doing it wrong.” She sighed in defeat. She knew a lost cause when she saw one.
“How would you even know? You’re not even a girl. It’s not like they give classes on this or anything.”

“No, But I watch porn and I’ve seen girls do it before.” A plan already forming in my mind. So what if it’s my sister I tell myself, so what if she’s younger then you? She’s still a woman and you’re still a man.
“Ok, then how would you say I’m supposed to…do it?” She questions.
“Well for one use both hands, being lazy isn’t gonna get you anywhere. Go ahead, try it.” She’s going to see right through me. I know it. I wonder if she can tell that even from here I can see where the sheet is wet from her juices.
                “Umm… I don’t know if I can do this in front of you…” She mumbles.
“Why not? I’m just your brother, it’s not like I’m going to be preving out over here. I’m just trying to help you finish faster so I don’t ever have to walk in on this again.” LIAR! My boner screams at me, you just want to touch her, taste her, and pleasure her. You’re a horrible big brother, betraying her trust like this. She looks at him funny then carefully peels back the sheet, slowly uncovering herself.  
My dick jerked in my pants at the view of first her tits then her pussy. Oh god her pussy… The tits were amazing don’t get me wrong, Guessing around a B cup with the cutest lick pink nipples. But her pussy was gorgeous her clit was tucked in and barely peeking out. There is nothing more he wanted in this world then to go over to her and lick it.
She let her hand fall back in between her legs, the other one was teasing her nipple lightly pulling and pinching at it. Even though she was biting her lip, a moan escaped through them.
“Like this?” She asked breathlessly. Gasping at the pleasure of her work. Walking over to her I put my hand over hers and help massage her breast, enjoying the feel of the softness.  I could feel her shiver and spasm beneath me.
“Close, but when you finger yourself do it more like this…”  Taking my other hand I adjust her hand and speed; she let out this cute little squeal of excitement as she writhed under her own guided touch. It wasn’t long before she let out a long squeal then relaxed back into the bed.  Before I had time to process what I just did. My raging boner reminded me of its presence.
She looked down to see my dick straining against my pants, and said “Well I guess since you helped me with my problem it’s only fair to help you with yours.” Her face was flushed at the boldness of her words. Slowly she reached her hands down to my zipper as if waiting for me to stop her. I didn’t. She undid the button then the zipper, and then my jeans fell to the floor. I was still standing beside the bed when she smoothly slid off and got to her knees in front of me.
Nervously she looked up to me; I must’ve encouraged her because she took me in to her hand. Slowly she let her fingers drag up and down my shaft mumbling about how smooth and hard I was. With one last look in my direction she put me into her mouth, letting her tongue wrap around me as she bobbed her head up and down. She was inexperienced that I could tell. But her lips were so soft and she was trying so hard to please me. It didn’t take me long before I was on the verge of cumming.
“I’m about to cum.” I warn. Quickly she backs off, my dick falling wetly from her mouth. Her eyes open in surprise as I cum which skillfully finds its way dripping down her face.  She looks up at me now covered in my seed.
And I realize this is another one of those things you have to enjoy in life; my cum all over my little sisters face. I watch as some of it drips on her mouth. Licking her lips she tastes it. The biggest smile I ever saw lite up her face then.
“Mmmm yummy… Next time we do that I want you to finish in my mouth instead. Is that OK?” When she said that couple different things came into my mind; first she likes the taste? I’ve never heard of a girl liking the taste before… Second she said again, as in this is happening again. Third this is the one that really got me going; my sister just asked my permission to cum in her? What kind of drug am I on? Because I’m sure as hell taking it again.