Sunday, May 19, 2013


I have good friends. Friends how always look out for me. A special friend of mine took me out last night to a play. I love the theater. I must admit I wasn't paying much attention last night. My mind was elsewhere, focused on the little round egg vibrating so furiously inside me. My friend had a sort of challenge for me; if I could sit still and keep quiet during the play I would get a reward. It was set on low at first my face turning a deep red right away Slowly I could feel the orgasm creep up on me. Soon I was griping at the arm rest, curling my toes, and biting my lip to keep silent. A slight gasp gave me away none the less. "Turn it up." He whispered.

I did as ordered, and was rewarded with a kiss. The orgasm came much quicker this time, much more sudden. It went on like this until the break came. I was given a short break, but as soon as the play was back on, so was my pleasure. After another orgasm, and quite a mess in my panties. The last scene of the play came on. "Turn it up all the way." I did. The jolt of it making me cough at a quiet moment. Blushing all over again.

I could feel the rise of yet another orgasm coming on, and he could see it as well. "Not yet." He mummers.
"Please." I beg.
"Just wait, hold off as long as you can."
"I can't, oh please just let me."
"No, you can do it."
"Please, please, please."
"Four, three, two, one. Now" In a rush I was consumed by pleasure. I was doing everything I could just to keep quiet. I don't even remember what all the play was about. What a good friend. ;) To bad he wouldn't let me take the toy home.