Sunday, June 2, 2013

Honey I'm home!

I walk into the door, and he’s standing there. Leash in hand. It’s been such a long day…Maybe this is what I need? I shut the door behind me and fall to my knees. Bowing my head I wait for him to attach the leash to my collar. When he does he pulls me to my feet and slams me against the door. “Mine.” He growls in my ear.
He wraps the leash around his hand, quickly constricting my movement. I can’t breathe. I can’t speak. I can’t think. His gaze alone takes my breath away. His words easily devour mine. His kissed leave me dizzy and confused.

He picks me up; taking a cue I warp my legs around his waist. My skirt gets pushed up to my waist revealing my red satin panties. Growling he rubs against me, the friction intoxicating. He pushes me into the wall harder making the door rattle. Tipsy on his kisses, I hardly notice how he had carried me just feet away to the couch. Well at least not until he dropped me on it. I try and skirt away daring him to come after me.
Instead I was only yanked back like a little girls rag doll. Practically tripping over myself I land face first on the couch. All the while he stands over demanding complete control and obedience. Before I could scramble into a more dignified position he grabs a hold of my legs swinging them off the edge of the couch. He has me carefully arranged to where I’m on my knees in front of the couch. 

Gracefully he kneels behind me, pushing up my skirt and tearing off my panties. Taking no time with niceties he slams into me with a grunt. When I cry out I’m rewarded with a yank on my leash, which in turn pulls my head up, bowing my back. “Quiet slut. Don’t speak. Don’t move.” Again and again he impales me on his dick.

Suddenly an orgasm was upon me. Pleasure rushed through my being. A hand clamps over my mouth in an effort to stay quiet. Abruptly he was finishing, filling me with his warm seed.  Collapsing beside me, back against the couch he pulls my head into his lap. “Clean and dry me off.” Doing as he says I engulf him in my mouth tongue cleaning off any and all seed and juices. When done my hand reaches out to dry him of my slobber. He pulls me into his lap for murmured words of “Good girl. Good slut.” And a hand stroking my hair, looking up at him I asked 

“So how was your day Sir?”