Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Write Me Something Dirty.

Yes you read that right. I want dirty stories in my inbox. I want your biggest fantasies, your darkest fantasies, everything; at my fingertips. Give me poetry, give me short stories, give me a book (or three). As long as it makes my heart skip and my thighs wet.

I feel like I've read everything there is to read today, and I want more gosh dang it! More then that I want to see what goes through your dirty little minds ;) Come on if you read my stuff theres got to be something good in there! I don't care if your the worlds best author or just like me (A silly sex blogger).

If nothing else send me something to write about! blythe.miller14@gmail.com Come on you know you want me masturbating to your thoughts tonight instead of the other way around!