Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Musicians Words.

She is the finest instrument. 
I always find her well oiled and clean. 
She always sings the most perfect tone. 
I play her religiously, delicately  and with passion. 
The kind of passion that vibrates your soul. 
No, the kind of passion that sets your soul on fire. 
Her song is always one of enthusiasm; she expresses everything fully, without holding back. 
Whether it be anger, sadness or love, and joy.
 I love to pluck her chords in the moonlight.
 It's a precious thing to see the light bounce off her skin and her back bowed.
 Eager fingers coaxing notes from deep within her. 
Sounds of ecstasy escape her throat. 
Her heavy breathing is my rhythm. 
 Her heart holds my beat.
I admit to her being my greatest muse. 
My finest instrument.

Together we make music.