Sunday, November 11, 2012

A personal post.

      Hello again. I've decided to let myself post a little something personal every once in a while. So today I went on a very interesting date of sorts; I went ATV riding. I mean why don't couples do this more often? It's the perfect chance to spend all day hanging on tightly to your lover, also who doesn't love to get a little muddy. Maybe try a couple jumps? I don't know maybe it's just me but I think it says something about a person when they are willing to be risky and adventuress with you. It makes an amusing statement on how they'll be in bed later on. ;) Needles to say I can see me and him going out again.

    Now on to the more interesting stuff; my writing. So I've started a couple of stories lately, only writers block has been taking over my brain. I'll try and keep lots of interesting things up, but if my posts seem a little rare a few in between, please forgive me. Also please continue to subscribe to me, you guys are amazing and with out readers what is a writer?

     One last thing I promise, I would love some prompts from you guys! Let me hear what dirty little kinks you have, whats that one thing you really want to try but have always been to afraid to ask. It can be anything the more taboo the better, but I'm open to anything. On that note have fun in life, read my writing, and be a little kinky and always sit on the edge of taboo.