Sunday, November 11, 2012

I love you like a sister. Cont.

Chapter 2

Still lying in bed together nude an hour later. Cuddling and enjoying each other. Then a startling slam of a door rang throughout the house along with my mother’s voice calling for us to come and greet her. “Alex! Jacob! I’m home!” In a mad dash for clothes Alex falls off the bed. I run out into the hall slipping on my shirt as I go. My mother’s footsteps are getting closer, so I did the first logical thing I’ve done all day. I calm my breathing, fix my hair and turn to her just as she comes up the stairs.

“Hey Mom, I was just going downstairs. What’s up?” I’m acting normal… At least I think I am. I can just imagine a huge sign above my head. Advertising in neon letters ‘I JUST FOOLED AROUND WITH MY LITTLE SISTER!’ She looks at me funny and I think this is it, I’m dead. Grounded for life at least, but she just asks if I knew my t- shirt was on inside out. “Umm it’s just some new thing all the gamers do now, I don’t start the trends I just follow them.” I said, hopefully believable enough to get her off my back. Still staring at me like I just grew a third head, she starts making her way past me to my sister’s room, where I could still hear her bustling around. Quick Jacob distract her!

“So Mom how was your day?” Please work, please work, please work…

“Good, busy. So I got nice tips working tables.” She said. Then asked “How was your day?”

The urge to laugh out loud was almost unbearable. I felt like saying “Good, busy. Got to see nice tits while working my sister.” But of course what tumbled out of my mouth was something more along the lines of “Same old same old ya know? Got math homework tonight…” It was then Alex decided to make an appearance.

As if today was just like yesterday, and the day before that she walks out of her room and takes one look at the small talk me and my mom are trying to make and asks “What’s up?” This is about the point where my mind explodes. She looks so calm and collected while I’m a mess of nerves over here. Mumbling some excuse about that math homework I have a hastily make my exit. And that’s just how it went for a couple of days, me hanging around, mom trying to talk to me and as soon as my sister joined in I ran for the hills. I didn’t even know where to start with processing everything. I mean it’s not like you can Google it.

So instead I watched from a distance, and trust me I was enjoying the view. Still it wasn’t long before I craved for more of her tight ass and cute little pink nipples. So I came up with a plan.

It was made to take place tomorrow at school, that age difference is really coming in handy for this idea. See the sophomores and seniors get the day off while the freshman and juniors are doing some career day thing. The next day is when the rest of us get to enjoy the lectures of business men and guys from the military.  This makes in amazingly easy to sneak in during their lunch break and grab Alex. I kind of know this class room on the second floor none of the teachers are using this year, this pretty much would be the place I would somehow convince her to follow me into. From here I would get to have a fix of my favorite drug. Alex.