Friday, November 23, 2012

Role Reversal

This is a little something a friend of mine wrote. I'll be posting bit by bit like I always do. But I take no credit for her work. Her her pen name is Rose, Street Rose.

“But, but I-“I stammered as Caitlin Squeezed me into the leather bustier.

“No buts! You promised to meet with my newest client since I’m sick.” Caitlin chided as she whipped a brush through my unruly black hair.

“Only because you told me you were an accountant!  Besides I don’t have any idea what to do with them.” I trailed of hearing the uncertainty in my voice and knowing that in the end she would have it her way as always.

“Now Claire…” She began patiently as though she expected this. “If you ever thought to ask if I was a dominatrix I would have told you the truth. Besides it’s really quite easy. It will be even easier for you since we’re identical, so he won’t know the difference. She prattled quickly pulling out a pair of spiked thigh-high boots.

“What do I even do I mean…” Claire murmured softly giving up and succumbing to her sisters will.

“He doesn’t want a lot of rough work, so don’t worry. Just chain him up and walk all over him, maybe use a light whip. Now hurry or you won’t get there in time.” She finished, pushing me out the door and into my car. “Oh and Claire” She said breaking my startled thoughts. “Never let your client take over, you need to stay in control every second he’s there.” On that note Claire drove off, her body trembling behind the wheel.

As I walked into her ‘office.’ I was appalled. In the first room I entered, whips, gags, feather, clubs, paddles, vibrators, and every sex toy or punishment tool imaginable was pegged neatly on the walls. In the center of the room was a long padded table with chains dangling from it menacingly, and adjacent to it stood a bench covered with leather shackles. Anxious to get out of the main room, I hurried to the next room. A plush king-sized bed filler the room entirely, its sheet a stark black. Hearing a quiet tap at the door, I went to open it and automatically I checked him out.

He was tall, a good 6’ 2” to my even 5”, with olive colored skin. Thick wavy black hair framed his intense green eyes. He stepped in, breaking my thought. As I slid behind him I took the chance to look at him again. Oh god he was strong! Did this man really want to be dominated?

“Mistress?” He started, sounding slightly amused. “Are you ready yet?”

“Yes I’m ready!” Stand at the table and… assume position!” I snapped harshly, trying to cover my embarrassment. He went quietly, but with a menacing smirk dancing in his eyes. He stopped two feet from the edge of the table and turned to face me challengingly. As I tried to push him lightly onto the table, his hands from manacles around my wrists and he swung me easily onto the table.  

Trembling softly on the table, I cower away from him. Trying to get up, suddenly I found myself weighed down. My mind went into panic mode, and I scarcely acknowledged that he was there, until I tried to move again, and found myself belted to the table.

His hand splayed across my stomach and I squirmed nervously. I tried to scream as hands moved lower, but his hand wrapped around my mouth before I could think. “Ah, ah, ah, sweetheart. Don’t make me use a gag, you wouldn’t want that.” He murmured. His threats sent shivers rushing down my spine and I went limp. I felt him walk away and tried to hide my shameful terror of not being in is presence.

 I heard his footsteps quickly approaching, and looked towards where he was approaching. As he set a couple of strange objects on the ground he placed his hand on my thigh, I jerked away from him. His laughter shook the room, and he quickly started ripping off what little clothing I had on. I screamed as his hands grabbed me roughly. “Ah ah ah, I warned you sweetheart.” He whispered threatingly. He reached below the table and grabbed a ball gag.

Tears race down my face in fright as he yanked the gag into place harshly. “No more games.” He growled. He started undoing the straps quickly. “I know of a better place to put you.” Chuckling nastily, he yanked me to the ground. I fought against him as he chained me to the bed, earning a hard slap on the ass. The chains didn’t allow me to move a muscle. The fear over took me fading my world to black.